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Session: Nuclear Industry

Characterization of Nodular Cast Iron Properties by Harmonic Analysis of Eddy Current Signals

Feiste, K. L., Fetter Marques, P. , Reichert, Ch., Reimche, W., Stegemann,D.
Institute of Nuclear Engeneering and Non-destructive Testing, University of Hanover
Rebello, A. J. M. , Krüger, E. S.
Laboratory of Non-destructive Testing - LABOEND/COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Corresponding Author Contact:
Ch.Reichert, Hannover Germany, Phone: ++49 511 762 8085, Fax: ++49 511 762 2741, nhkpreic@mbox.ikph.uni-hannover.de




Materials and Methods

Fig. 3: Influence of the pearlite quantity to the material hardness

Fig. 4: Influence of the crystallographic microstructure to the hysteresis loop

Hysteresis Loop and Harmonic Anaysis

Measuring System

Automatizated Calibration


Fig. 10:
Calibration for tensile strength using 4-dimensional regression

Fig. 11:
Calibration for yield strength using 6-dimensional regression

Fig. 12:
Calibration for hardness using 7-dimensional regression




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