NDT.net - November 1998, Vol. 3 No. 11

Table of Contents ECNDT '98

Session: Reliability

Reliability of Mechanised UT Systems to Inspect Girth Welds during Pipeline Construction

R. van Agthoven, J.A. de Raad
Röntgen Technische Dienst bv, P.O. Box 10065, 3004 AB
telephone +31 10 2088208, fax +31 10 4158022
Corresponding Author Contact:
J.A. de Raad
Email: rtd@rtd.nl , URL: http://www.rtd.nl




Concept of RotoScan

Added Value of TOFD in RotoScan

Data Presentation and Storage

Cross Country Experience

Mechanised UT on Lay Barges

Defect Detection and Repair Rates

Calibration of Equipment

Procedures and Acceptance Criteria

Reliability Confirmation and Validation



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  7. Pending issue by AGA / PRCI
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