NDT.net - October 1998, Vol.3 No.10

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Session: NDT of Welds

Automatic Detection and Characterisation of Aluminium Weld Defects: Comparison between Radiography, Radioscopy and Human Interpretation.

V. KAFTANDJIAN*, A. JOLY; INSA - CNDRI, INSA Bat. 303, 20 av. A. Einstein, 69 621 Villeurbanne Cedex;
T. ODIEVRE, M. COURBIERE, C. HANTRAIS; PECHINEY, Centre de Recherches de Voreppe, BP 27, 38 340 Voreppe.

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1. Introduction - Scope of the study

2. Image analysis

3. Feature extraction as required by the reference standard and classification of defects

4. Results obtained on radioscopic images

5. Results obtained on digitized radiographic films and comparison with human interpretation

6. Conclusion and future works

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