NDTnet - June 1997, Vol.2 No.06

Nondestructive Characterization of State and Properties of Aluminium Structures

E. Schneider *


1. Elastic Constants and Material Strength

Figure 1: The acoustoelastic constant AEC33 of a longitudinal wave propagating perpendicular to the load for work hardening and precipitation hardening Al-Alloys with different content on solid solution phase (left) and with different yield strengths (right).

Figure 2: Nondestructively evaluated strength values in comparision with the tensile test results.

2. Stress States in Plates an Welded Sheets

3. Texture and Earing Parameter

4. Local Distribution and Volume Concentration of Reinforcements in Al-Matrix Composites

5. Localization and Characterization of Burrs in Hollow Pressure Castings

6. References

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