1st International Symposium on Laser Ultrasonics

Science, Technology and Applications

July 16-18 2008, Montreal, Canada


Laser-ultrasonics also known as laser-ultrasound or laser-based ultrasound has been under study and development in many laboratories around the world for several decades. From the initial generation of ultrasound with lasers in the early 60s and the first optical detection of small ultrasonic displacement in the MHz range, the field has gone in many different research directions. Laser-ultrasonics has simultaneously evolved as a mature technology that is now attracting more and more interest from industry. Several applications have already been transferred to industry and instruments are now commercially available. Many of those were featured in the symposium, either in the technical presentations or in the exhibition.

Although laser-ultrasonics developments have been regularly covered in special sessions of acoustical, optical or nondestructive evaluation meetings, none was so far strictly devoted to the field. The relevance of a meeting on laser-ultrasonics has been the subject of discussions for several years among several actors in the field. Local meetings on this subject have already been run successfully in countries like France and Japan, and appeared as a good indicator for expecting a reasonable response to an international symposium on the subject. In fact, the response far exceeded these expectations since we received more than 80 contributed papers, to which 10 invited contributions were added.

The goal of the Laser Ultrasonics 2008 symposium was to provide to all attendees, coming either from universities, government laboratories or industries, information on the state-of-the art of the technology and its applications, as well as on the future trends. Its purpose is also to provide a fruitful forum for an exchange of ideas between researchers and end-users. About 130 participants from 18 countries attended the three-day symposium that was held from July 16 to 18, 2008 at the ֹcole de Technologie Supיrieure in Montrיal, Canada. It included oral and posters sessions with two parallel oral sessions in the second day. Several sponsors thankfully contributed to the event and many of them also presented their products at a small exhibition held near the conference room.

We would like to express our thanks to all members of the organizing committee, to all members of the scientific committee and to all our sponsors, all of them have made this event a success. As unanimously decided by the attendees, the next symposium will be held in Bordeaux, France, probably in 2010.

The papers published on this web site or CD-ROM provide a collection of state-of the- art and recent advances in research and applications of laser ultrasonics as presented at the symposium.

Jean-Pierre Monchalin
Conference Chair
Alain Blouin
Conference co-chair
Silvio E. Kruger
Conference proceedings editor

Scientific Committee Members

Hideo Cho, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
Richard J. Dewhurst, University of Manchester, UK
Christ Glorieux, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Vitalyi Gusev, Universitי du Maine, France
Peter Hess, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Alexander A. Karabutov, Moscow State University, Russia
Sridhar Krishnaswamy, Northwestern University, USA
Humphrey Maris, Brown University, USA
Todd Murray, Boston University, USA
Makoto Ochiai, Toshiba Corp, Japan
Menglu Qian, Tongji University, China
Daniel Royer, ֹcole Supיrieure de Physique et de Chimie, France
Hervי Trיtout, Dassault Aviation, France
Hubert Voillaume, EADS, France
Oliver B. Wright, Hokkaido University, Japan
Shu-yi Zhang, Nanjing University, China
Alain Blouin, IMI-NRC, Canada
Jean-Pierre Monchalin, IMI-NRC, Canada

Organizing Committee Members

Jean-Pierre Monchalin, IMI-NRC, Canada (Chair)
Alain Blouin, IMI-NRC, Canada (Co-Chair)
Philippe Bocher, ֹcole de Technologie Supיrieure, Canada (Co-Chair)
Silvio Kruger, IMI-NRC, Canada
Daniel Lיvesque, IMI-NRC, Canada
Andrי Moreau, IMI-NRC, Canada
Sylvie Lamontagne, Quebec Materials Network
Karine Requena, Quebec Materials Network

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