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UT in Israel

1st edition by Rolf Diederichs

  • Introduction
  • After more than 10 years of acquaintance with Israel, I have a strong relationship with this lovely country. This was a business trip, and a successful one, but the experiences and impressions we cherish most are personal. Every year there is something new to discover in this beautiful country. This year I had the opportunity, during our vacation in Pesach, to interview some people, and contribute this article to the UT country series. Israel is a land of differences. There is Israel the holy land, with its mission to bring peace and love to mankind, and there is the Israel of ancient conflicts that still rage today. In Galilee, in the northern part of the country, the traveller sees great changes from round woodsy mountains to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, to the stark, bizarre Negev desert, all within a few moments' drive. You will see all cultures in this small country. People here are very warm and friendly, even to the Germans, but if you drive a car you will meet aggressive people on the road, so take care! It seems strange to see the fastest cars driving in the right lane, and passing you impatiently - perhaps this is linked to their right to left writing? So, some things may be different from what you are accustomed to. Nevertheless, many other things fully conform to the western way of life. The Internet is very popular here, and I visited offices where people just were beginning to install their Internet connections.

  • General
  • Israel is a small country of just 4 million people. For further information on general country information the references
    [sources] will point you to some Internet resources. Israel's situation is very special, and news about this country is frequently broadcast all over the world. The completion of the peace process holds the potential for great changes in the NDT business arena. Globally, the NDT industry is cosmopolitan in outlook and open to exploring the possibilities of the Palestinian market; whether the Israeli NDT community will be similarly inclined is as yet uncertain. There is some anxiety on this topic, and differences in business practices still need to be worked out.

  • Industry
  • At present the country has no truly dominant industry of special interest to NDT or ultrasonic testing. We will report some details about UT in the military, petrochemical, plastics, agriculture, and inspection service areas. One source told us that the great UT investments had already been made and today a degree of saturation exists. For suppliers from Europe the market here is particularly difficult because of high import taxes.

  • Societies
  • Israel's NDT industry is currently active in two societies.
    1. Israel Metallurgical Society, Shimon Girshovich [3], Chairman
    2. Association of Engineers, Josi Pessach [5] Chairman
    There are plans to build one NDT society.
    There is also a Quality Society in Israel that works with NDT-related issues.

  • Universities/Institutes
  • The Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, with its Quality Engineering Laboratory is the place for NDT education and post-graduate studies. NDT Certification in Israel is according to Israel's Standard 1031, which conforms to EN 473 standards. Laboratory chief Prof. Amos Notea [1], Ph.D. showed us their training facilities. Krautkraemer sponsored the lab and provided most of the equipment. The Certifying Body for the Institute's NDT personnel was accredited according to EN 473. Research is done here, like "Analysis of guided wave interaction with a cylindrical flaw by the method of moments", by Prof. Yitzhak E. Segal Ph.D. [1] and Liviu Singher [1], in addition to studies in laser generated ultrasound.

  • Events
  • The two NDT committees mentioned are organizing a spring conference. You can read about the 1996 UT conference presentation here. The Quality Society will host an international conference in Nov. 96 as well as the national conference in Nov. 97, and plans to continue this alternate year schedule in the future. For more details, contact Yacov Rotberg, Phone: 972-3-5568133, Fax: 972-3-5568134

  • Distributors/Manufactures/Services
  • The table below shows almost all companies which are involved in UT. The leading Israel UT manufacturer is IRT with its well known "ScanMaster". The company distributes worldwide instruments, transducers and turn-key nondestructive inspection systems for a wide range of industrial applications, using ultrasonic techniques.

    Dectal Advanced Technologies Ltd. Tel AvivDistributor for Panametrics
    Elina Industriell Ltd. [7]AzurDistributor for Krautkraemer
    Globus Ltd. Tel AvivDistributor for Sonatest
    Gabi Shoef Ltd. | Company`s profil |[4]Mishmar HashivaInspection Service
    IRT Inspection Research Technology [10]Tel AvivUT Manufacturer
    N.D.Tech Ltd. [8]JerusalemNDT Laboratory
    Morex 71 LTD. | Company`s profil |[5]Even YehudatdInspection Service
    Sonotron Ltd. [9]JavneUT Manufacturer

  • Acknowledgments
  • Thanks to the following sites for their contributions to this article.

  • Other interesting Israel sources

    Help and foreword about the new series "Ultrasonics by Country"

    This series will provide additional information on demand. We do not plan just to copy the contents of the Virtual Library to here; this site will also integrate items outside the Internet as well as geographical UT-Highlights. Also the countries' NDT- societies will be integrated into this site, including those with no Internet presence.
    The UT in Country - Text is an example of the information you can access through each country's clickmap. "Clicking" on the country's flag at the capital city will take you to the UT in Country - Text. is an example of the information you can access through each country's clickmap. "Clicking" on the country's flag at the capital city will take you to the UT in Country - Text. By "Clicking" on the other map icons you can access the related bookmarks within this document or go directly to another site.
    When the series is fully underway, we will use the advantages of electronic online publishing to keep information up to date. The series will become a permanent department of the journal, and hopefully, a useful information source, at present still under construction.
    Nevertheless we hope you will get fast data transfer on German's Data Highways, some are still a better side road with 128 Kbytes. During the CeBIT 96 the opening of a new infrastructure called "B-WiN" from the German DFN Network Society was announced. We hope that this will enable us to maintain rapid data transmission speed, even as the number of users increases.

    If you would like to contribute information, either general or country-specific, please send us a message: Email info@ndt.net.

    May 1996, Rolf Diederichs

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