Mechanical Behaviour of Brickwork Masonry Under Tensile/Shear Loading
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

International Symposium (NDT-CE 2003)

Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering 2003
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J.C. Gálvez, E. Reyes, M.J. Casati and B.S. Tork
E.T.S. Ingenieros de Caminos, Universidad Castilla La Mancha


The ONSITEFORMASONRY project deals with the use of Non-Destructive and Minor-Destructive Techniques applied to structural assessment. In this field the integration of these techniques with the structural evaluation is crucial. In this paper the integration of the NDT and MDT with structural analysis of the failure of brickwork masonry is studied.

This paper presents a set of experimental results about brickwork masonry failure under tensile/shear loading. The specimens are 1/4 scale reproduction of a single leaf wall of brickwork masonry. Different bed joint orientations are tested to study influence of the angle between the cracks and the bed joints. This testing procedure tries to simulate the cracking of the walls ought to differential settlements and excessive deflections.

A numerical model to reproduce the cracking of the walls is proposed. The model includes parameters measured by NDT and MDT. The paper includes the recommendations about the use of NDT and MDT in this kind of problems. The model properly fits the experimental results.

Finally, the conclusions are presented.

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