Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

International Symposium (NDT-CE 2003)

Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering 2003

Lectures & Posters
Plenary 1
NDT Methods for the inspection of highway structuresJ. Naumann*, P. Haardt**
*Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing, Bonn (GER); **Federal Highway Research Institute, Bergisch Gladbach (GER)
Recent Developments in Civil Engineering NDT in the UKJ.H. Bungey
University of Liverpool, Liverpool (UK)
Improvement and Application of NDT Methods in Civil Engineering in the Frame of a Collaborative Research Project funded by the German Research SocietyH.-W. Reinhardt, C.U. Grosse
University of Stuttgart (GER)
Materials 1
Electrical conductivity measurements to characterize the setting and hardening of mortarsW. Brameshuber, T. Brockmann
Relationship between porosity, permeability and ultrasonic parameters in sound and damaged mortarM. Goueygou*, Z. Lafhaj**, M. Kaczmarek***
*IEMN, Ecole Centrale de Lille, Villeneuve d´Ascq (F); **LML , Ecole Centrale de Lille, Villeneuve d´Ascq (F); ***Institute of Environmental Mechanics, Bydgoszcz University (Poland)
Identification of Reinforced in Concrete by Electro-Magnetic MethodsT. Uomoto**, M. Ohtsu*, H. Ikenaga***, H. Tanano****, H. Hamasaki****, K. Kishi*****, A. Yoshimura******
*Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (J); **University of Tokyo (J); ***Chiba Institute of Technology, Chiba (J); ****Building Research Institute,
Ibaraki (J); *****Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, Saitama (J); ******Komatsu Engineering Co, Ltd., Kawasaki (J)
Elastic Properties of Reactive Powder ConcreteG. Washer*, P. Fuchs**, B. Graybeal***
*Federal Highway Administration, McLean, VA (USA); **Fuchs Consulting, Inc., McLean, VA (USA); ***PSI, Inc., McLean, VA (USA)
Optical Methods
The use of laser-interferometry (ESPI) in analysis of reinforced concrete structuresJ. Hegger*, S. Görtz**, J. Niewels*
*IMB, RWTH Aachen (GER); **Zerna, Köpper & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft für Bautechnik, Bochum (GER)
Analysis of the crack characteristics under shear load of reinforced concrete structures by using photogrammetryJ. Hegger*, S. Görtz**, F. Häusler*
*IMB, RWTH Aachen (GER); **Zerna, Köpper & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft für Bautechik, Bochum (GER)
Strain Analysis of solid wood and glued laminated timber constructions by close range photogrammetryB. Franke, S. Hujer, K. Rautenstrauch
Bauhaus-University Weimar (GER)
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for on-site determination of chloride in concreteG. Wilsch, D. Schaurich, F. Weritz, H. Wiggenhauser
BAM Berlin (GER)
Sonic Methods 1
Data for inspecting concrete using non-contact sensorsJ.S. Popovics, J. Zhu
The University of Illinois, Urbana, IL (USA)
Nondestructive Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Bridges using Impulse ResponseA.G. Davis*, C.G. Petersen**
*Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc., Skokie, IL (USA); **Germann Instruments A/S, Copenhagen (DK)
The application of laser techniques in the non-contacting excitation and recording of sound wavesW. Erfurt, W. Köhler, J. Stark
Bauhaus-Universität, F.A. Finger-Institut für Baustoffkunde, Weimar (GER)
Estimation of Concrete Properties by Elastic-Wave-MethodM. Ohtsu*, T. Yoshiara**, M. Uchida***, H. Saeki****, S. Iwata****
*Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (J); **Nondestructive Inspection Co. Ltd. (J); ***Taiheiyo Cement Corp. Ltd. (J); ****Federation of Construction Materials Industries (J)
Materials 2
Nonlinear nondestructive methods of evaluating strength of concreteI. Shkolnik*, H. Aktan*, R. Birgul**
*Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (USA); **Mugla University, Mugla (Turkey)
Permeability of Concrete: A Study intended for the "In Situ" Valuation Using Portable Instruments and Traditional TechniquesA.M. Gomes*, J. Oliveira Costa*, H. Albertini**, J.E. Aguiar***
*Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte (Brazil); **Msc. Politechnico di Milano (Italy); ***Civil Engineer (Brazil)
Nondestructive Monitoring of Setting and Hardening of Portland Cement Mortar with Sonic MethodsT. Voigt, S.P. Shah
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (USA)
Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy to Investigate Structured Water in MortarM. Asano*, N. Miura*, S. Sudo*,Y. Hayashi*, N. Shinyashiki*, S. Yagihara*, M. Shiotsubo**, Y. Kato***, T. Uomoto***, M. Arino****, T. Tokunaga****, K. Noto****, S. Tsuda****, W. Kimura****
*Tokai University, Hiratsuka (J); **Komatsu Engineering Corporation, Kawasaki (J); ***University of Tokyo (J); ****Tokyo Development Society for Non-Destructive Testing in Road Structures, Tokyo (J)
Radiography, Imaging
Location of Reinforcement in Structures by Different Methods of Gamma-RadiographicB. Redmer*, A. Likhatchev**, F. Weise*, U. Ewert*
*BAM Berlin (GER); **Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences (RUS)
Use of the MegascanTM Imaging Process in Inspection Systems for Post-Tensioned Bridges and other Major StructuresK.D. Brown*, J. St. Leger**
*Materials Measurements Ltd., Surrey (UK); **Atkins Highway and Transportation, Cambridge (UK)
Nondestructive Evaluation of Embedded Structures in Concrete: Modeling and ImagingK. Mayer*, A. Zimmer*, K.J. Langenberg*, C. Kohl**, C. Maierhofer**
*University of Kassel (GER); **BAM Berlin (GER)
3D-Visualisation of NDT-Data using Data Fusion TechniqueC. Kohl*, M. Krause*, C. Maierhofer*, K. Mayer**, J. Wöstmann**, H. Wiggenhauser*
*BAM Berlin (GER); **University of Kassel (GER)
Sonic Methods 2
Crosshole Sonic Logging and Velocity Tomography Imaging of Drilled Shaft FoundationD.A. Hollema, L.D. Olson
Olson Engineering, Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO (USA)
Optimizing Opening of PCC Pavements Using Integrated Seismic Lab and Field Tests D. Yuan*, S. Nazarian*, N. Gucunski**
*University of Texas at El Paso, TX (USA); **Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ (USA)
Concept for a reference pile testing site for the development and improvement of NDT-CE E. Niederleithinger, A. Taffe
BAM Berlin (GER)
Ultrasonic Cross Hole Testing of Deep Foundations - 3D imagingR. Stain, Y. Volkovoy
Testconsult Ltd., Warrington (UK)
Plenary 2
Utilization of NDI to Inspect Internal Defects in Reinforced Concrete StructuresT. Uomoto
University of Tokyo (J)
Computer Simulation of Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete using the Elastodynamic Finite Integration Technique (EFIT)R. Marklein, K. Mayer, P. Ampha, K.J.
Langenberg University of Kassel (GER)
Non Destructive Assessment of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures: From Needs to Answers. A National State of the ArtD. Breysse*, O. Abraham**
*Université de Bordeaux, Talence Cedex (F); **L.C.P.C., Bouguenais (F)
Using Conductivity to Determine the Location of Moisture in a Masonry Arch BridgeM. Clark*, M.C. Forde**
*TRL, Crowthorne (UK); **University of Edinburgh (UK)
Non destructive evaluation of concrete moisture by GPR technique: experimental study and direct modellingS. Laurens*, J.-P. Balayssac*, J.E. Rhazi**, G. Klysz*, G. Arliguie
*Laboratory Materials and Durability of Constructions, Toulouse Cedex (F); **Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke (CAN)
On-line Monitoring of Water Amount in Fresh Concrete by Radioactive-Wave Method T. Kemi*, M. Arai**, S. Enomoto***, K. Suzki****, Y. Kumahara*****
*Monotsukuri University (J); **General Building Research Corporation of Japan (J); ***National Union of Transporting Pressurized Concrete; ****National Federation Ready-Mixed Concrete Industrial Associations; *****Soil and Rock Engineering Co. Ltd.
A Novel Combination of NDT-methods for Assessment of Moisture Conditions in Structural Members - a Case Study of the Berlin ZeughausF. Weise, D. Schaurich
BAM Berlin (GER)
Monitoring of concrete structures on ASR: a "smart structure" project expansionJ. Bakker, F. Postema
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Utrecht (NL)
The Use of Acoustic Monitoring to Manage Concrete StructuresP.O. Paulson*, M. de Wit**
*Pure Technologies Ltd; *Advitam, Vilvoorde (B)
The experimental research on the health monitoring of the concrete structures using optical fiber sensorF. Katsuki, T. Yajima
Shibaura Institute of Technology, Minato-ku, Tokyo (J)
Technology for Quality Assurance of New Pavement ThicknessK. Maser*, T.J. Holland**, R. Roberts***, J.S. Popovics****
*Infrasense, Arlington , MA (USA); **California DOT, Sacramento, CA (USA); ***Geophysical Survey Systems, North Salem, NH (USA); ****The University of Illinois, Urbana, IL (USA)
Impact Echo
Geometrical Effects on Impact-Echo Testing of Finite Concrete SpecimensF. Schubert*, R. Lausch (†)**, H. Wiggenhauser**
*Fraunhofer IZFP-EADQ, Dresden (GER); **BAM Berlin (GER)
Impact Acoustic Methods for defect evaluation in concreteM. Asano*, T. Kamada*, M. Kunieda*, K. Rokugo*, J. Kodama**
*Gifu University, Gifu (J); **Showa Concrete Industry Co. Ltd., Gifu (J)
Impact Echo Scanning Technology for Internal Grout Condition Evaluation in Post-Tensioned Bridge DuctsY. Tinkey*, L.D. Olson*, R. Bedon**, C. Lieberle**
*Olson Engineering, Wheat Ridge, Colorado (USA); **DYWIDAG-System International (GER)
Impact-echo: New developments regarding Hardware and SoftwareM. Motz* , M. Krüger**, C.U. Große**, P. Haller*, R. Beutel**
*develogic, Gerlingen (GER); **University of Stuttgart (GER)
Structures 1
Contribution of coupling non-destructive methods for the diagnosis of concrete structuresF. Buyle-Bodin*, A. Ammouche**; J.-L. Garciaz**
*University of Lille, Villeneuve d´Ascq (F); ** LERM, Arles Cedex (F)
Development of Inspection Software for Deteriorated Concrete StructuresH. Kanada*, H. Yamashita**, T. Shimizu***, T. Uomoto*
*The University of Tokyo (J); **Hazama Corporation (J); ***CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. (J)
Analysis and assessment of deteriorating concrete bridges using fuzzy set theoryT. Lücken, F. Stangenberg
Ruhr-Universität Bochum (GER)
A microwave interferometer with imaging capability for remote measurements of building displacementsM. Pieraccini*, G. Luzi*, D. Mecatti*, M. Fratini*, L. Noferini*, C. Atzeni*, L. Carissimi**,G. Franchioni**
*University of Florence (Italy); **Enel-Hydro S.p.A., Seriate (Italy)
GPM-Portable Equipment for Determination of Corrosion Stage of Concrete Structures - Laboratory and On-Site ExperiencesR. Bäßler*, A. Burkert*, T. Frolund**
*BAM Berlin (GER); **Germann Instruments, Copenhagen (DK)
Electrochemical Corrosion Rate Measurement Using Modulated Confinement of the Current. Calibration of this Method by Gravimetrics LossesC. Andrade, I. Martínez
Instituto Eduardo Torroja De Ciencias De La Construcción, Madrid (E)
The ec-pen in quality control: Determining the corrosion resistance of stainless steel on-siteM. Büchler, C.-H. Voute, D. Bindschedler, F. Stalder
Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection (SGK), Zurich (Switzerland)
A multi-dipole mobile array for the non-destructive evaluation of pavement and concrete infrastructures: a feasability studyM. Chouteau*, S. Valličres**, E. Toe**
*Ecole Polytechnique-CERCA, Montreal (CAN); **Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal (CAN)
Ultrasonic 1
Ultrasonic imaging of concrete elements: State of the art using 2D synthetic apertureM. Krause*, F. Mielentz*, B. Milmann*, D. Streicher*, W. Müller**
*BAM Berlin (GER); **Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbrücken (GER)
Assessment of deteriorated concrete cover by high frequency ultrasonic wavesA. Fnine*, M. Goueygou**, F. Buyle-Bodin*, B. Piwakowski**
*LML, University of Lille, Villeneuve d´Ascq (F); **Ecole Centrale de Lille, Villeneuve d´Ascq (F)
Study of phased array techniques for cracks characterization in concrete structuresO. Paris*, P. Brédif*, O. Roy*, J.M. Rambach**, G. Nahas**
*Commissariat ŕ l´Energie Atomique, Saclay (F); **Institut de Radioprotection et de Sureté Nucleáire (F)
Non-Contact Ultrasonic Interrogation of ConcreteJ. Berriman, T.H. Gan, D.A. Hutchins, P. Purnell
University of Warwick, Coventry (UK)
Structures 2
Bridge Diagnostics by Field Testing (Verification of Girder Distribution Factors and Dynamic Load Factors)J. Eom, A.S. Nowak
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (USA)
The Life-Time Load History of a Concrete Structure - Determined by Ultrasound Reflection TechniqueO. Kroggel
Technical University Darmstadt (GER)
Non destructive health evaluation of concrete bridge decks by GPR and half cell potential techniquesJ.E. Rhazi*, O. Dous*, G. Ballivy*, S. Laurens*/**, J.-P. Balayssac**
*Université de Sherbrooke (CAN); **LMDC, INSA, Toulouse (F)
NDT used in the Netherlands - From a principal point of view F. Postema, A. van Beek
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Utrecht (NL)
Electrical Methods
Sensitivity to crack parameters of two non destructive techniques: Electrical resistivity measurements and acoustic methodsJ.-F. Lataste, O. Abraham, D. Breysse, C. Sirieix
Université de Bordeaux, Talence cedex (F)
Spectral Induced Polarization - a tool for non-destructive testing of soils and building materialsE. Niederleithinger
BAM Berlin (GER)
Practical Applications of NMR in Civil EngineeringB. Wolter, F. Kohl, N. Surkova, G. Dobmann
Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbrücken (GER)
Ultrasonic 2
Progress in Ultrasonic SAFT-Imaging of ConcreteM. Schickert
MFPA, Bauhaus-University Weimar (GER)
Recent Progress in Scanning Laser Detection of Pulse-Echo Ultrasound in ConcreteB. Köhler
Fraunhofer IZFP-EADQ, Dresden
Propagation of Ultrasound in Concrete - Spatial Distribution and Development of the Young´s ModulusT. Öztürk, O. Kroggel, P. Grübl
Technical University Darmstadt (GER
Ultrasonic Low-Frequency Short-Pulse Transducers with Dry Point Contact. Development and ApplicationV.G. Shevaldykin, A.A.Samokrutov, V.N. Kozlov
Acoustic Control Systems Ltd., Association "SPECTR-GRUPP", Moscow (RUS)
Plenary 3
NDT at the Technical University of Berlin for Complex Problem orientated Assessment of StructuresB. Hillemeier, H. Scheel
Technical University Berlin (GER)
Non-destructive testing methods at BAM for damage assessment and quality assurance in civil engineeringC. Maierhofer, E. Niederleithinger, M. Krause, H. Wiggenhauser
BAM Berlin (GER)
Experimental Safety Evaluation of Concrete and Masonry Bridges M. Gutermann*, V. Slowik**, K. Steffens*
*Hochschule Bremen (GER); **HTWK Leipzig (GER)
Onsiteformasonry - A European Research Project: On-site investigation techniques for the structural evaluation of historic masonryC. Maierhofer, A. Ziebholz, C. Köpp
BAM Berlin (GER)
New tomographic techniques (micro-seismical and geoelectrical) for the non-destructive testing on masonry structuresM. Marchisio, L. D´Onofrio, A. De Falco, L. Frediani, F. Guidoni
Universitŕ de Pisa (Italy)
Use of Sonic Tomography for the Diagnosis and the Control of Intervention in Historic Masonry BuildingsF. da Porto, M.R. Valluzzi, C. Modena
University of Padova, Padova (Italy)
Acquisition and processing requirements for high quality 3D reconstructions from GPR investigationsM. Lualdi, L. Zanzi, L. Binda
Politecnico di Milano (I)
Mechanical Behaviour of Brickwork Masonry Under Tensile/Shear LoadingJ.C. Gálvez, E. Reyes, M.J. Casati, B.S. Tork
E.T.S. Ingenieros de Caminos, Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Ciudad Real (E)
Radar 1
Non-destructive-testing of traffic-infrastructure using GPRJ. Hugenschmidt
EMPA, Dübendorf (Switzerland)
Development of an Utility Finding Impulse RadarT. Kind, I. Krause, C. Maierhofer
BAM Berlin (GER)
Non-invasive ground penetrating radar in the NDT of the foundations of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch, New ZealandD.C. Nobes*, T.J. Sikma**
*University of Canterbury, Christchurch (New Zealand); **Lincoln Environmental, Christchurch (New Zealand)
Determination of dielectric properties of insitu concrete at radar frequencies J. Davis*, S.G. Millard**, Y. Huang*, J.H. Bungey**
*University of Liverpool, Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Electronics (UK); **University of Liverpool, Dept. of Civil Engineering (UK)
A High Frequency Penetrating Radar for Masonry Investigation D. Mecatti, M. Pieraccini, G. Luzi, L. Noferini, C. Atzeni
University of Florence (Italy)
Investigation of concrete structures with Pulse Phase ThermographyF. Weritz, G. Wedler, A. Brink, M. Röllig, C. Maierhofer, H. Wiggenhauser
BAM Berlin (GER)
Association of Infrared-thermography and thermal impedance applied to the detection of empty spaces under concrete slabsC. Ostrowski, E. Antczak, D. Defer, B. Duthoit
LAMH, MIT, Faculté des Sciences Appliqueés, Bethune (F)
Application of Thermography and Ultra-Sounds for Wall Anomalies Diagnosis - A Laboratory Research StudyC. Pina Santos, L. Matias, A.C. Magalhaes, M. Rosario Veiga
National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Lisbon (Portugal)
Passive Infrared Thermography as Inspection and Observation Tool in Bridge and Road ConstructionM. Stimolo
EMPA, Dübendorf (Switzerland)
Infrared Thermography Assessment of Masonry Arch Bridges Laboratory and Field Case StudiesM. Clark*, M.C. Forde**
*TRL, Crowthorne (UK); **University of Edinburgh (UK)
Quality Control
Non-Destructive Evaluation of FRP-Confined Concrete Using MicrowavesO. Buyukozturk, J. Park, C. Au
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (USA)
Process development for the quality assurance of concrete-embedded tracks using non-destructive testing methodsA. Gardei*, K. Mittag*, H. Wiggenhauser*, B. Ripke**, M. Jovanovic**
*BAM Berlin (GER); **Deutsche Bahn, München (GER)
New developments in quality control of concrete using ultrasoundC.U. Große, H.-W. Reinhardt
University of Stuttgart (GER)
Development testing requirements and evaluation non-destructive testing (NDT) methods for assessment - age-related degradation of concrete containments in the nuclear power plantsE. Osterberg*, G. Muravin**
*Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, Stockholm (S); **Margan Physical Diagnostics Ltd, Netanya (Israel)
Radar 2
GPR for Infrastructure ImagingA.P. Annan
Sensors & Software Inc., Mississauga (CAN)
A portable step-frequency radar for the non-destructive visualization of building constructionsN. Lubetsky*, V. Mikhnev*/**, A. Palto*
*Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences Belarus, Minsk (Belarus); **Helsinki University of Technology, Radio Laboratory/SMARAD, Espoo (FIN)
Timber Girder Inspection using Ground Penetrating RadarW. Muller
Queensland Department of Main Roads, Brisbane (Australia)
Radar and SEWREEL Testing of Buried Drains and SewersB. Whiteley
Coffey Geosciences Pty. Ltd., Sydney (Australia)
Comprehensive Mechanistic-based Quality Control of Flexible Pavements with NDT MethodsS. Nazarian, D. Yuan
The University of Texas at El Paso, TX (USA)
Capacitance Sounding: a New Geophysical Method for Asphalt Pavement Quality EvaluationY. Dashevsky*, M. Filkovsky**, V. Synakh***
*Institute of Geophysics SB RAS, Novosibirsk (RUS); **GLIF Engineering Device Ltd., Novosibirsk (RUS); ***Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS, Novosibirsk (RUS)
A Non-Destructive Impulse Hammer for Evaluating the Bond between Asphalt Layers in a Road Pavement C. Sangiorgi*, A.C. Collop**, N.H. Thom**
*University of Bologna (Italy); **University of Nottingham (UK)
Homotopy method for backcalculation of pavement layer moduliX. Zha, Q. Xiao
Changsha Communications University, Changsha City (China)
Structures 3
Experiences with the use of nondestructive testing in internal quality assurance in civil and building constructionC. Flohrer
HOCHTIEF Construction, Mörfelden-Walldorf (GER)
Application of Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics in Investigating and Evaluating the Technical State of the Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures in BulgariaD. Dimov
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia (Bulgaria)
The Role of Non-Destructive Tests for Evaluation of a Concrete Structure in the Persian Gulf Region - Case StudyT. Parhizkar*, A.A. Ramezanianpour**, B. Hillemeier***, N. Mozafari*
*Building and Housing Research Center, Tehran (Iran); **Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran (Iran); ***Technical University Berlin (GER)
Evaluation of Concrete Structures by Advanced Nondestructive Test Methods - Impact Echo Test, Impulse Response Test and Radar SurveyY.H. Zheng*, K.E. Ng*, J.W. Ong**
*SETSCO Services Pte Ltd, Singapore; **SETSCO Services (M) Sdn, Bhd (Malaysia)
Tendon Ducts
Duct inspection using scanning impact-echoH. Wiggenhauser
BAM Berlin (GER)
Impact-Echo testing of steel cable ducts for injection grouting qualityC.G. Petersen*, A.G. Davis**, A. Delahaza***
*Germann Instruments A/S, Copenhagen (DK); **Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc., Skokie, Illinois (USA); ***WJE, Northbrook, Illinois (USA)
Fast Location of Prestressing Steel Fractures in Bridge Decks and Parking lotsH. Scheel, B. Hillemeier
Technical University Berlin (GER)
Detection and localization of fractures in tendons by means of electromagnetic resonance measurementH.-J. Wichmann, A. Holst, K. Hariri, H. Budelmann
Technical University Braunschweig (GER)
Acoustic Emission
Automatic analysis of acoustic emission measurements on concreteJ.H. Kurz, F. Finck, C.U. Grosse, H.-W. Reinhardt
University of Stuttgart (GER)
AE Energy Analysis on Concrete Bridge BeamsS. Colombo*, M.C. Forde*, J. Halliday**, I.G. Main ***, M. Shigeishi****
*The University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering and Electronics (UK); **Highways Agency, London (UK); ***University of Edinburg, School of Geosciences (UK); ****Kumamoto University, Dept. of Civil Engineering, (J)
Separation of Tensile and Shear Cracks Based on Acoustic Emission Analysis of Rock FractureS. Stanchits, G. Dresen
GeoForschungszentrum Potsdam (GFZ), Potsdam (GER)
Possibilities and limitations of acoustic emission analysis for reinforced concrete T. Vogel*, S. Köppel**
*Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK), ETH Zurich (Switzerland); **Basler & Hofmann Ingenieure und Planer, Zurich (Switzerland)
Plenary 4
Nondestructive Evaluation For Highway Bridges In The United States G. Washer
Federal Highway Administration, McLean, VA (USA)
GPR: From the State-Of-the-Art to the State-Of-the-PracticeI.L. Al-Qadi, S. Lahouar, A. Loulizi
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, VA (USA)

The NDT-CE Compendium on the InternetH. Wiggenhauser, K. Borchardt
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
Guidelines for NDT methods in civil engineeringA. Taffe, C. Maierhofer
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
Non Destructive Evaluation of Slender Steel Members Using Elastic Giuded WavesL. Laguerre
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, Bouguenais (France)
Study on Impact Acoustic Method and System Development Based on Wavelet AnalysisH. Haya*, X. Luo*, T. Uomoto**
*Railway Technical Research Institute, Tokyo, (Japan); **University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Acoustic Emission
Three-Dimensional Visualisation of Acoustic Emission Moment Tensor Solutions by VRMLM. Shigeishi, M. Ohtsu, J. Shimazaki
Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan)
Damage Estimation of Concrete by AE Rate Process Analysis in Core TestT. Suzuki*, M. Ohtsu**
*Nippon Suiko Consultants CO., LTD, Kumamoto (Japan); **Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan)
A deeper understanding of acoustic emission wave propagation in reinforced concreteB. Schechinger, T. Vogel
Institute of Structural Engineering, ETH, Zurich (Switzerland)
Advances in Moment Tensor Inversion for Civil EngineeringF. Finck, J.H. Kurz, C.U. Grosse, H.-W. Reinhardt
University Stuttgart, Institute of Construction Materials, Stuttgart (Germany)
Case Study
Evaluation of cover concrete by coupling some non-destructive techniques - Contribution of in-situ measurementsG. Klysz*, J.-P. Balayssac*, X. Dérobert**, C. Aubagnac***
*LMDC, Toulouse Cedex (France); **LCPC, Bouguenais Cedex (France); ***LRPC, Toulouse Cedex (France)
Non-destructive characterisation of mortar layers for concrete repair using radar and ultrasonicsC. Maierhofer*, J. Wöstmann*, M. Krause*, B. Milmann*, B. Behrendt*, H.S. Müller**
*Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany); **University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Specimen for the improvement of NDT-methods - Design and construction of a large concrete slab for NDT methods at BAMA.Taffe, K. Borchardt, H. Wiggenhauser
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
Integrated Leakage Rate Test Measure the Feed Air with Stabile Overpressure (FASO) Pilot Proceeding with Equipments Highly AccuratedC. Nyárádi
Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., Paks (Hungary)
Enhanced Backcalculation Techniques for Assessing Highway Structural PropertiesC.A. Lenngren, J. Olsson
Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg (Sweden)
TAILSAFE: Investigation and Improvement of Tailings FacilitiesE. Niederleithinger*, A. Brink*, C. McDonald**, T. Meggyes*, K.E. Roehl***, K.J. Witt****
*Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany); **University of Leeds (United Kingdom); ***University of Karlsruhe (Germany); ****Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany)
Evaluation of corrosion loss of steel reinforcing bars - In concrete using linear polarisation resistance measurementsD.W. Law*, J.J. Cairns*, S.G. Millard**, J.H. Bungey**
*Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (United Kingdom); **Liverpool University, Liverpool (United Kingdom)
BEM Analysis on Half-Cell Potential Measurement for Corrosion EstimationV. Leelalerkiet*, J.-W. Kyung*, M. Yokota**, M. Ohtsu*
*Kumamoto University, Kumamoto (Japan); **Shikoku Research Institute Inc., Takmatsu (Japan)
Non Destructive Techniques for On-Site Measurements of Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete StructuresC. Andrade*, I. Martinez*, M. Ramirez** M. Garcia**
*Institute of Construction Science "Eduardo Torroja", CSIC, Madrid (Spain); **Geotecnia y Cimientos S.A. (geocisa), Madrid (Spain)
Tendon Ducts
Comments on void depth detection in tendon duct with the impact echo method based on finite element computationsO. Abraham
LCPC, Bouguenais Cedex (France)
A simple approach to the automatic recognition of flaws in large diameter steel cablesA. Bergamini, R. Christen, M. Motavalli
EMPA, Structural Engineering Research Laboratory, Dübendorf (Switzerland)
Location of Prestressing Steel Fractures in Highly Reinforced Concrete MembersB. Hillemeier, H. Scheel
Technical University Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
Detecting Voids Inside Ducts of Bonded Steel Tendons Using Impulse Thermography C. Rieck, B. Hillemeier
Technical University Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
Eddy Current Testing at High Temperatures for Controlling Heat Treatment ProcessJ. Vetterlein, H. Klümper-Westkamp, T. Hirsch, P. Mayr
Foundation Institute for Material Science (IWT), Bremen (Germany)
Impact Echo
Wavelet algorithms for non-destructive testingJ.H. Kurz, H.-J. Ruck, F. Finck, C.U. Grosse, H.-W. Reinhardt
University Stuttgart, Institute of Construction Materials, Stuttgart (Germany)
Active Infrared Thermography in Civil Engineering - Quantitative Analysis by Numerical SimulationG. Wedler, A. Brink, C. Maierhofer, M. Röllig, F. Weritz, H. Wiggenhauser
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
Visualisation of Sliding Friction Heat during the Skid Resistance Test through Infrared (IR) ThermographyM. Stimolo
EMPA Dübendorf, Dübendorf (Switzerland)
Possibilities of Determination and Characterization of Subsurface Defects in Material by Means of Thermography and 3D Numerical ModelI. Boras, S. Svaic
University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Assessment of thermal conductivity of the building materials - "Hot wire method"J. Zach, S. Stastnik
Brno University of Technology, Brno (Czech Republic)
Concrete Creep Deformations caused by Bend and Pressure Stress Specimen TestJ. Adámek, V. Meloun, V. Juránková, P. Juránek
Brno University of Technology, Brno (Czech Republic)
Parameters That Influence The Results of Non Destructive Test Methods for Concrete StrengthA.C. Evangelista*, I. Shehata*, L. Shehata**
*Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); **Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Applying waves' propagation modelling to the study of concrete damageV. Garnier, J.F. Chaix, G. Corneloup
Laboratoire de Caractérisation Non Destructive, IUT, Aix en Provence (France)
Detection of Near Surface Damage and Cracks in Mass Concrete by Acoustical and Electromagnetic NDT TechniquesJ.E. Rhazi*, O. Dous*, R. Al-Wardany*, G. Ballivy*, K. Saleh**
*Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke (Canada); **IREQ-Research Institute of Hydro, Varennes, Quebec (CAN)
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy as a tool for the characterization and sorting of concrete waste material in view of high-order re-useF. Weritz, D. Schaurich, G. Wilsch, J. Wöstmann, H. Wiggenhauser
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
Study on Measurement of Chloride Content using Electromagnetic Wave in Reinforced Concrete StructuresJ. Arai*, T. Mizobuchi**, K. Suda***
*Retec. Inc, Tokyo (Japan); **HOSEI University, Tokyo (Japan); ***Kajima Corporation, Tokyo (Japan)
Concrete hardening and moisture distribution in sandstones monitored by One-Sided 1H-Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceF. Kohl, B. Wolter, F. Knapp
Fraunhofer Institute Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP), Saarbrücken (Germany)
Radiography, Imaging
Theoretical foundations for reconstruction of the materials density by means of two-energy radiographyS.V. Naydenov, V. Ryzhikov
Institute of Single Crystals of UAS, Kharkov (Ukraine)
Industrial Applications of Shearography for Inspection of Aircraft ComponentsR. Krupka, T. Walz, A. Ettemeyer
Ettemeyer AG, Elchingen (Germany)
Multi-energy radiography for non-destructive testing of materials and structures for civil engineeringS.V. Naydenov, V. Ryzhikov
Institute for Single Chrystals of UAS, Kharkov (Ukraine)
Quality Control
Evaluation of Shotcrete Quality using Different MethodsM. Skazlic, I. Stipanovic, J. Krolo
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Zagreb (Croatia)
An algorithm for automatic analysis of deformation of reinforced concrete structures using photogrammetryW. Benning*, S. Görtz**, J. Lange*, R. Schwermann*, R. Chudoba***
*Geodetic Institute, University of Technology (RWTH), Aachen (Germany); **Zerna, Köpper & Partner, Bochum (Germany); ***Chair of Structural Statics and Dynamics, University of Technology (RWTH), Aachen (Germany)
Non-destructive determination of the carbon content in iron foils - A quality assurance of the gas carburising processH. Klümper-Westkamp*, P. Mayr*, W. Reimche**, K. Feiste**, M. Bernard**, F.-W. Bach**
*IWT Bremen (Germany); **IW Hannover (Germany)
Non-Destructive Determination of the Water-Content in the Concrete Cover Using the Multiring-ElectrodeW. Brameshuber, P. Schröder, M. Raupach, C. Dauberschmidt
University of Aachen, Aachen (Germany)
Non-destructive Testing methods for metal foamsH. Stanzick*, T. Wenzel**, R. Hanke**, M. Maisl***
*Fraunhofer Institute Advanced Materials, Bremen (Germany); **Fraunhofer Institute Integrated Circles, Fürth (Germany); ***Fraunhofer Institute Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP), Saarbrücken (Germany)
Non invasive ground penetrating radar investigation of a failing concrete floor slabM.L. King*, D.P. Wu*, D.C. Nobes**
*GPR Geophysical Services, New Plymouth (New Zealand); **Department of Geological Sciences, University of Canterbury, Christchurch (New Zealand)
A comparative study of data processing algorithms for radar imaging of stratified building structuresV. Mikhnev*, P. Vainikainen**
*Institute of Applied Physics, Minsk (Belarus); **Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo (Finland)
Influence of GPR Antenna Polarity on Detectability of Voids in Plastic Tendon Ducts in P-T Concrete BeamsM.C. Forde*, A. Giannopoulos*, M. Clark**
*University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (United Kingdom); **TRL Limited, Crowthorne (United Kingdom)
GPR Antenna Medium Coupling Effects: Experimental and 2D FDTD Modelling ResultsA. Shaari*, S.G. Millard**, J.H. Bungey**
*Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi, (Malaysia); **Department of Civil Engineering, University of Liverpool, Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Evaluation of Pine timber strength by drilling and ultrasonic testingJ. Saporiti Machado, D. Costa, H. Cruz
National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Lisbon (Portugal)
A New and Versatile Sandwich Type Ultrasonic Transducer for NDT of Different MaterialsC. Miclea*, A. Gheorghiu**, C. Tanasoiu**, C.F. Miclea*, S. Moroianu*
*National Institute for Materials Physics, Bucharest (Romania); **Hyperion University, Bucharest (Romania)
Experimental and theoretical investigation to optimize an ultrasonic phased array for low frequenciesF. Mielentz*, M. Krause*, R. Boehm*, H. Wüstenberg*, K. Mayer**, R. Marklein**
*Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany); **University of Kassel, Kassel (Germany)
Parameters for the Quantitative Assessment of Ultrasonic Imaging for Concrete ElementsD. Streicher*, M. Krause*, C. Kohl*, M. Schickert**, O. Kroggel***, W. Müller****
*Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (GER); **Institute for Materials Research and Testing (MFPA) at Bauhaus-University, Weimar (GER);
***Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt (GER); ****Fraunhofer Institute NDT (IZFP), Saarbrücken (GER)
Use of low Frequency Ultrasound Echo Technique to Determine Cavities in wooden Construction CompositesA. Hasenstab*, M. Krause*, C. Rieck**, B. Hillemeier**
*Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany); **Technical University Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
Development of reference-samples for ultrasonic-testing of concreteS. Bussat, A. Glaubitt, J. Neisecke
University of Dortmund, Dortmund (Germany)
Reference concrete for ultrasonic-testing and its creation by components with pre-analysed propertiesA. Glaubitt, S. Bussat, J. Neisecke
University of Dortmund, Dortmund (Germany)
Determination of Third Order Elastic Constants Using a Simple Ultrasonic ApparatusA. Bouhadjera
Jijel University, (Algeria)
Non Destructive Reliability Analysis of Concrete Structures - Numerical concepts and material models for existing concrete structureA. Strauss*, K. Bergmeister*, U. Santa*, R. Pukl**, Vladimir**, D. Novák***
*University of Applied Sciences, Vienna (Austria); **Cervenka Consulting, Prag (Czech Republic); ***Brno University of Technology, Brno (Czech Republic)
Strengthening of Concrete Beams Using CFRP Strips Anchorage of Externally Glued StripsP. Stepánek, I. Svaricková, J. Adámek
Brno University of Technology, Brno (Czech Republic)
Nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures - A case study in detailed inspection using 24-year-old reinforced concreteS. Watanabe*, S. Misra**, T. Uomoto**
*Technology Center of Metropolitan Expressway, Tokyo (Japan); **University of Tokyo (Japan)
An article on experimental assessment of structural safety of solid bridges M. Gutermann
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffens Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Bremen (Germany)
Sensor for Seismic Monitoring of BuildingsG. Bavari*, S. Benfratello**, M. Cerrone*, A. Masnata***
*ELECTA S.a.s, Palermo (Italy); **Dept. of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, University of Palermo (Italy); ***Dept. of Technology and Mechanical Production, University of Palermo (Italy)
Selected Acoustic Methods for Nondestructive TestingK. Pospisil*, J. Stryk*, M. Korenska**, L. Pazdera**
*Transport Research Center, Brno (Czech Republic); **Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)
Measurement of Force and Strain in Pre-Stressed Steel Bar in Reinforced Concrete using the Magnetoelastic Stray Field MethodW. Ricken, W.-J. Becker
University of Kassel, Dept. of Measurement Engineering, Kassel (Germany)
Influences of Magnetostriction and Magnetisation State on Strain and Force Measurement with Eddy-Current Sensors Applied to Steel Reinforced ConcreteH.C. Schoenekess, W. Ricken, W.-J. Becker
University of Kassel, Dept. of Measurement Engineering, Kassel (Germany)
Non-destructive investigation of complex historic masonry structures with impulse radarC. Maierhofer*, J. Wöstmann*, C. Hennen**
*BAM Berlin (GER); **Stiftung Luther Gedenkstätten, Wittenberg (GER)

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