NDT.net - February 1999, Vol.4 No.2
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Mechanized Ultrasonic Inspection of Large Diameter Gas Pipeline Girth Welds

N. Dubé
R/D Tech, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada;
E.A. Ginzel ,Email: eginzel@mri.on.ca,
Materials Research Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada;
M.D.C. Moles
R/D Tech, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: Mmoles@rd-tech.com



System Concept

Zone Discrimination

Calibration Block


Data Display

Data Storage

Probe Pan


Typical Results

In-Service Applications

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Mechanized ultrasonics is replacing radiography for gas pipeline girth weld inspections worldwide.
  2. Ultrasonic zone discrimination is one of the key factors which makes mechanized UT feasible.
  3. The output display has been specifically developed to aid rapid and reliable interpretation of data.
  4. The mechanics and probe pan have been designed for robust operation.
  5. Mechanized ultrasonics offers lower reject rates due to improved sizing accuracy.
  6. While there are disadvantages of mechanized ultrasonics, these can be overcome.
  7. Overall, mechanized ultrasonics offers a better inspection for roughly the same cost (on-shore).


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