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Additional applications with the Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) technique

C Laenen
Apave, Qualite des Equipments Industriels
2, rue des Mouettes-B.P.98 76132 Mont-Saint-Aignan Cedex, France.
Technical Software Consultants Ltd
6, Mill Square, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes, MK12 5RB, UK.
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: 110034.2314@compuserve.com



The ACFM technique

Sphere inspection

Refinery pressure vessel

Stress corrosion cracking under insulation

Stainless steel drum used for soap production

Double skin carbon steel reactor pressure vessel

Refinery pipeline defects

External stress corrosion cracking in a 300 mm diameter pipeline

Pressure vessel nozzle defects

Steam raising boiler

Television transmission mast inspection

Freight container cranes in the harbour of L'Havre

Timber yard crane

Cast Iron Cylinder inspection

Pulp mill inspection

Ring gasket in a reactor vessel flange

Machine frame inspection

Compressor casing inspection

A forged ships connecting rod

Boiler tube sheet inspection



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