IV Pan American Conference for Non Destructive Testing 2007

22 - 26 October 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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The IV Pan American Conference on Non Destructive Testing – PANNDT IV – and VI CORENDE, which was held at the Buenos Aires Panamericano Hotel from October 22 to 26, gathered specialists on all the areas of non-destructive testing (NDT), such as inspection, research and development and standardization. The meetings of the ISO TC-135 NDT Committee and the Policy and General Purposes Committee of the International Committee of NDT (PGP-ICNDT) were held simultaneously with this Conference.

These Conferences provide a forum where experts on all areas of NDT and life management may meet. The forerunners of the NDT meetings in Argentina were the COREND – the Regional Conferences of NDT. The first one took place in Buenos Aires in 1979, to be followed in 1981 in Tucumán, with the support of the Regional Faculty of the National Technological University.

After a long impasse, and under a new name, CORENDE – to include structural testing - the meetings started again in 1997 in Mendoza and the IV CORENDE-2000 in Mar del Plata. All these Conferences have been organized by the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) with the support of local institutions. The following one – V CORENDE – held in Neuquen in 2005, was the first Conference organized by the Argentine NDT Association (AAENDE), at that time with the support of the Engineering Faculty of the Comahue National University (FI-UNCOMA).

The Pan American Conferences on Non Destructive Testing are the offspring of the Regional Conferences on NDT for Latin America and the Caribbean, the first one held in São Paulo, Brazil, from September 21 to 24, 1986, within the framework of the Regional Project of NDT for Latin America and the Caribbean, a model UNIDO Project. Towards the end of the Project, in 1995 in Jamaica, the Pan American Committee PANNDT was created, the first PANNDT Conference taking place in Canada in 1998, to be in Houston (USA) in 1999 and in Río de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2003. This IV PANNDT has been organized by AAENDE, with the support of many institutions and sponsors.

The 140 IV PANNDT papers in this volume present a panorama of the state-of-the-art of the most recent R/D and applications of all techniques and areas of nondestructive and structural testing. The articles were presented in 17 sessions, comprising papers beyond the disciplinary limits of NDT. They included activities such as diagnosis of machinery, structure, welding, life management and quality control. In the field of power generation: hydro-, thermo- and nucleo- electricity. In manufacturing: steel making, automotive, aerospace, civil structure. Patrimony: pieces of art, service and insurance companies, industrial maintenance and inspection. Commercial presentations were also included.

Besides the contributed papers, it was also an honor to present the following Plenary Conferences:

  • Human-like robotic inspectors - science fiction and reality, Yoseph Bar-Cohen (USA)
  • Steam Generator Inspections: Faster, Cheaper and Better, Are We There Yet?, Laura Obrutsky (Canada)
  • Infrared Thermography: a manifold NDT technique, Daniel Balageas (France)
  • Guided Waves. Evaluation of Batteries of Tests in Rigid Risers, Francisco Carlos Rodrigues Marques (Brazil)
  • Survey and testing through interferometric radar: applications to Cultural Heritage and public utilities, Massimiliano Pieraccini (Italy)
  • Progress in NDT System Engineering Through Sensor Physics and Integrated Efficient Computing, Michael Kröning (Germany)
  • Validation of NDT inspection systems. Origin, evaluation, and present status., Gustavo Bollini Spain)
  • PETROBRAS Technological System - from well to gas station, Fabio J. Sartori (Brazil)
  • ISO awareness, Franck Perrad (France)
and a specially invited conference: Thermographic Image Processing for NDT, Xavier Maldague (Canada)

We gratefully acknowledge the gentle cooperation of all those who worked with us for this conference: (and particularly Rolf Diederichs) for the present Proceedings, IV PANNDT sponsors, and last but not least, the participants, who made this conference possible.

Buenos Aires, October 2007

César Belinco, President, IV PANNDT, (CNEA)
Jorge Amsler, President, AAENDE (CAEFE)
Marta Clelia Ruch, Chair, Scientific Committee and Editor of the Proceedings, IV PANNDT (CNEA)

Comité Panamericano

Presidente: César Belinco (CNEA-AAENDE ) - Argentina
Vice: Alberto Nicolini (TENARIS-AAENDE) - Argentina
Secretario: Héctor Espejo (AAENDE) - Argentina
Presidente anterior: María Izabel Lackzo Gebrael (METALCHEK - ABENDE) - Brasil
Coordinador para América Latina: Wilson Javier Santiago - Colombia

Comité de Dirección

Amsler, J. (CAEFE NDT) - Argentina
Belinco, C. (CNEA - AAENDE) - Argentina
Brady, P. (COGECO) - Canadá
Conte, J. (ABENDE) - Brasil
Echevarría, R. (Universidad Nacional del Comahue) - Argentina
Einav, I. - Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica (OIEA)
Espejo, H. (AAENDE) - Argentina
Fierro Izurieta, C. (SENDRE) - Ecuador
Fortis Roa, J. (IPN ESIME CULHUACAN) - México
Gregorat, D. (OSHMA) - Argentina
Hogert, E. (CNEA - AAENDE) - Argentina
Holliday, W. (ASNT) - EEUU
Marshall, D. (CINDE - ICNDT) - Canadá
Nicolini, A. (TENARIS - AAENDE) - Argentina
Rozlosnik, A. (SI Termografía Infrarroja - AAENDE) - Argentina
Ruch, M. (CNEA - AAENDE) - Argentina
Scopelliti, J. (ENDE - AAENDE) - Argentina
Vedovatti, E. (Universidad de la República) - Uruguay
Yangosián, E. (CENACAF - AAENDE) - Argentina

Comité Científico

Coordinación: Marta Clelia Ruch (ENDE - AAENDE) - Argentina -

Balageas, D. (ONERA) - Francia
Bar-Cohen, Y (NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory) - EEUU
Borghi, C. (ENDE- CNEA) - Argentina
Caballero, C. (Universidad Nacional del Comahue) - Argentina
Cramer, E. (NASA - Langley Research Center) - EEUU
De Vedia, L. (Universidad Nacional de San Martín - CONICET) - Argentina
Desimone, C. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Echeverría, R. (UNCOMA) - Argentina
Gaggioli, N. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Garcia A. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Hogert, E. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Katchadjián, P. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
López Pumarega, M. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Maldague, X. (Universidad de Laval) - Canadá
Mariscotti, M. (THASA) - Argentina
Mendonça, H. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Obrutsky, A. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Pastorini, A. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Pieraccini, M. (Universidad de Florencia) - Italia
Rozlosnik, A (SI Termografía Infrarroja - AAENDE) - Argentina
Ruzzante, J. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Sacchi, M. (ENDE - CNEA) - Argentina
Scopelliti, J. (ENDE - AAENDE) - Argentina
Svaic, S. (Universidad de Zagreb) - Croacia

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