NDTnet - January 1997, Vol.2 No.01

Evaluation of ultrasonic indications by using PC-based synthetic aperture focussing technique (PCSAFT)

By J. Pitkänen, P. Kauppinen, H. Jeskanen & V. Schmitz* Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland *Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive testing (IzfP), Germany

1 Introduction

2 PC-SAFT-principle

3 Resolution

4 Selection of probe step distance

Figure 3: Saft -image from a crack

5 Coupling effect

6 Signal amplification

7 Use of SAFT in Finnish VVER440 reactors

Figure 5a: Reconstruction from a
reference reflector behind the weld
Figure 5b: Reconstruction of real
defects in the weld

8 Ultrasonic inspection of thin walled piping

Figure 6: Demonstration of sizing capability
with side-drilled holes
Figure 7: SAFT -reconstruction
from a IGSCC

9 Future developments

10 Conclusions

International Conference "Computer Methods and Inverse Problems in
Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics", 21-24 November 1995, Minsk, Belarus
Contact for the proceedings: DGZfP Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V.
Motardstraße 54 , 13629 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: + 49 (030) 386 29 911, Fax:.. /29 918,
Email: mail@dgzfp.de

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