NDTnet - June 1996, Vol.1 No.06

Crack Depth Measurement - Modern Measuring Technique for a Well-known Method

Authors H. Cost, V. Deutsch, P. Ettel, M. Platte - Wuppertal


This article described the principle of crack depth measurement by the potential probe method. The dependence of the result on the crack depth for different materials is displayed and is only superficially considered in conventional instruments. The new instrument with its probes and measuring technique is introduced.

1. Physical Basics of Crack Depth Measurement

2. Disadvantages of Conventional Instruments

3. New Probes for the Crack Depth Measurement

4. The Measuring Technique

5. The Instrument

6. Conclusion


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Rolf Diederichs 1.June 1996, info@ndt.net
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