NDTnet - September 1996, Vol.1 No.09


Authors: Hanspeter Loertscher, Bert Grandia, Jan Strycek, and Willem A. Grandia

Transducer Workshop


1. Introduction

2. Air-coupled Transducers

Flat air-coupled transducer, backed by air and with a thin front layer with low impedance. Focusing air-coupled transducer with spherically shaped ceramic disk. Focusing air-coupled transducer with composite ceramic element. Focusing air-coupled transducer. Flat disk with refractive lens added. Focusing air-coupled transducer. Flat disk with reflecting optics added.

3. Airscan Apparatus and Technique

4. Applications

5. Conclusions

6. References

  • W.A. Grandia, and C.M. Fortunko: NDE Applications of Air-coupled Ultrasonic Transducers. 1995 IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium, Proceedings, Vol 1, pp. 697-709, ISSN 1051-0117.


    Willem A. Grandia, P.E.
    Bill Grandia is founder and president of QMI, where he directs R&D. He is a senior electronic and quality engineer, recognized worldwide for his achievements in designing ultrasonic and Eddy Current instrumentation. He started his career in 1955 in Holland.
    Jan Strycek
    Jan serves as Vice-President for Technique Development and Marketing. He acquired in over 25 years an outstanding record in practical testing of a large variety of materials and structures. Jan is recognized and called upon worldwide as an expert for the most difficult and critical NDT tasks.
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    Bert Grandia
    Bert is a certified Level III UT. With over 15 years of practical experience, he is specialized in ultrasonic and Eddy Current testing and is currently supervising the testing laboratory.
    Hanspeter Loertscher
    Hanspeter joined the company 2 years ago. He received his Master Degree in Physics in 1972 from the University of Bern, Switzerland and is specialized in laser development and applications, including laser based ultrasonics, and in ultrasonic testing of composite structures.
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    All authors are with QMI Inc., Costa Mesa CA, USA. E-mail: ultrasonics@qmi-inc.com, Home Page

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