NDTnet - January 1997, Vol.2 No.01

ALIS - The Automated Laminate Inspection System

By R. Coenen


The Automated Laminate Inspection System is an ultrasonic evaluation system designed for composites and Fibre Metal Laminates. Frequency domain based image processing and analysis techniques have been applied to standard C-scan images. For Fibre Metal Laminates this has already demonstrated considerable benefits.

1. Introduction

    The Automated Laminated Inspection System (ALIS) has been designed for the ultrasonic evaluation of composites, adhesive bonds and Fibre Metal Laminates (FML). These laminates generally consist of thin (0.3 mm) layers of metal (aluminum) and epoxy-fibre prepreg but comprise a whole spectrum of different configurations. The most known aluminum varieties are Glare based on glass-fibre and Arall with Aramid fibre. For the space market Care has been developed, a Titanium and Carbon fibre laminate with extreme temperature performance.

Fibre Metal Laminate
Fatigue Crack bridging

2. Image Analysis

3. Image Processing

The Implementation



R. Coenen
Works in the NDT research and development section at
Delft University of Technology
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
Structures & Materials Laboratory
Kluyverweg 1
2629 HS Delft
Phone: +33-152786279
Fax: +33-15 2781151
E-Mail: r.coenen@lr.tudelft.nl
The project is sponsored by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW
Structural Laminates Company, a joint venture between AKZO and ALCOA.
and Delft University of Technology

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