The ASNT Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show took place from 23-28 October 2011 in Palm Springs California. had been an exhibitor at the same conference in fall 2007*. This time I was a visitor of the conference and exhibition to take videos for publishing in Of course networking and talking to readers and exhibitors was another important reason for attending the conference.

I noticed that sessions were extremely well attended with some sessions having about 100 people (and not just for the keynote). But I also noticed that many people left the session in hurry to get the points recorded. Perhaps the intent of the points to encourage NDT technicians to keep abreast of technology is not always being met.

Unfortunately it was not permitted to take photos or videos in the conference sessions as I have in other conferences. I asked for Information of how many visitors there were to the conference or exhibitions, but ASNT has not provided this information for publication. From the program I counted about 90 papers divided in the 17 sessions as seen below. Five half day short courses took place in parallel. In the exhibition 146 companies demonstrated their products and services. Fine food and beverages were well placed within the exhibition area and it was possible to enjoy this in seating at round tables. You can get a better impression by watching the 12 minute video about the exhibition. Now our videos can stream on IPad, IPhone without a need for flash player.

In conversations with several attendees concerning internet use, I received several feedbacks about the limited use of internet services by ASNT publishing to their members as well to the NDT community. Today many of the NDT authors want to see their conference papers as Open Access and published on the Internet. We have made several attempts to provide this capability in a cooperation with ASNT (similar to our work with other NDT Societies) to publish NDT technical materials. ASNT has opted to hold the materials to themselves and in spite of earlier indications to launch proceedings themselves they are still not available. Currently there is little chance that this sort of cooperation can be developed with ASNT to the benefit of the entire NDT community.

I invite all authors to submit suitable conference papers or articles directly to

Rolf Diederichs
Editor at ASNT Fall Conference Nov'07 in Las Vegas