NDTnet - June 1997, Vol.2 No.06

A Report on the ASTM E07.06
Subcommittee on Ultrasonic Testing

E.A.Ginzel *


As a service to other users of ASTM Standards on ultrasonic testing the author has assembled some notes on the activities of the last meeting held in Fort Lauderdale Florida (USA) in January 1997. In the way of an introduction, information about the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is provided from the ASTM web site FAQ section. The URL for the ASTM is http://www.astm.org .

In April 1997, members of the ASTM committees were provided the minutes of the meetings held in January. Only those portions of the minutes pertaining to ultrasonic activities are summarized in this report.

The Ultrasonic Sub Committee

Summary of Section Reports for the January 1997 Meetings

Background (from ASTM web site)


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