Walk on the Tabletop Exhibition of the annual DGZfP Conference May '97 in Dresden

by Rolf Diederichs

You may see some of these exhibitors on the NDTnet exhibition too.

About 30 companies presented their products at the Tabletop Exhibition. We presented our UT'96 CD-ROM and we were able to 'really' meet many of our virtual readers. The picture shows Qnet with their booth to the left of ours.

Qnet's main emphasis is the transfer of technology in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer-Institute of Nondestructive Testing (IZFP). The updated ultrasonic board PCUS40PC was introduced. This board now provides up to 4 channels and by assembling multiple boards, up to 64 channels. With fully programmable parameter settings and advanced post processing software the board can be applied to the complete range of ultrasonic testing applications. See more information and a demo program for download on the Qnet Homepage.

GeSim introduced its ultraSim a software for sound field calculation of ultrasonic transducers and is available for Windows95/ Windows NT. We asked Mrs. Elfgard Kühnicke for what problem this software helps.
"If proceeding conventionally many different samples of probes have to be produced and examined to develop an adapted ultrasonic transducer for special test problems. That's because of the number of possible variations of the transducer parameters and their complex influence on the sound field. Simulation calculations reduce this effort significantly.
The sound field in the test object depends on its parameters (like material or interface curvature), the coupling conditions and parameters of the probe. The probe parameters have to be varied when simulating. Sound field calculation are helpful not only for design of the transducer but also for evaluating measured signals."

See also the abstract of the paper presented in professional conference session "Designing Ultrasonic Transducers for Layered Media by means of Green's Functions - A Calculation Software" Abstract. For more information contact Mr. Westendorf gesim@t-online.de.
FWD e.V. is a NDT Literature Documentation Service. Together with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and the Center for Technological Information (FIZ-Technik), DGZfP is the co-editor. Approximately 1.400 to 1.600 abstracts of papers are published annually in 12 issues. The UTonline abstract database contains some samples: 50 German, 11 English,20 UT Abstracts
For more Information about their Services contact: Email: mail@dgzfp.de
The Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger was founded in 1984 in order to develop special ultrasonic imaging systems for high-tech materials like composites, ceramics and materials with high sound damping as concrete components. The NFUS2300 is one system of Hillger's product range. The highlight is the application of echo-technique to concrete. The component under test has to be handled only from one side. Results were introduced on the international confernence of NDT-CE '95 in Berlin: "Ultrasonic-impulse-echo-technique advantages of an online-imaging technique for the inspection of concrete" [Article]. Another domain is a Ultrasonic PC-board called USPC. Based on that technique the company offers solutions for the inspection of composites (used by CASA in Spain horizontal stabiliser of the AIRBUS A 340), ceramics and metallic components with extrem high resolution. On the confernce Mr. Hillger (left hand on picture) presented the theme "MUSE - a mobil ultrasonic imaging system for composite structures" Abstract - D. See also on our last workshop his presentation on "Ultrasonic imaging of internal defects in composites" Article.
KARL DEUTSCH offers Instruments and Plants for Non-Destructive Testing of Materials. Sorry that we just caught the back of Prof. Dr. Volker Deutsch, owner of KARL DEUTSCH. He is the managing director of the company and author of many books. " Ultraschallprüfung - Grundlagen und industrielle Anwendung" is his most recent.

KARL DEUTSCH is still proud to be an independent family business. Mr. Deutsch eldest son Wolfram (our virtual friend from the NDT newsgroup) is currently studying in the United States of America already holding a graduate degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Hanover, Germany. In a few years, he will take on my current position and the experienced executive personnel H.W. Krümmel and Dr.M. Platte will support him in this task.
Dr.M. Platte has already published some articles on UTonline and here in Dresden he gave a speech on a non-ultrasonic NDT technique - Layer Thickness Gauging. This is an area where Karl Deutsch, founder of the KARL DEUTSCH company, has done pioneering work. The first LEPTOSKOP device was introduced in 1950 and continuous R&D has led to the current generation of LEPTOSKOP instruments.
See more information on the Karl Deutsch Homepage

The PANAMETRICS subsidiary Hofheim (D) displayed ultrasonic nondestructive testing equipment. That PANAMETRICS is strong in Internet communications is evident from this recent press release: "Panametrics is on the World Wide Web. We've created a virtual storefront on the information super highway where customer and prospects cam brows product information. Vist us at http://www.panametrics-ndt.com and look around. Click on What's New and find information on new exciting products. Or learn more about our existing products. You will even discover that Panametrics is much more than just NDT. Most of all, our Web site will make it easier for you to communicate with us.

We hope you'll stop by for a visit. Please tell us what you think about it, and let us know be email how we can improve our virtual storefront.


The whole World of NDT by Krautkrämer, was virtually displayed at their booth - a crowd and a swarm of sea gulls gathering to witness a revolutionary "all on one card per channel" solution for PC-based ultrasonic systems instruments. The new USPC2100 supports true parallel fire multichannel applications in automatic testing systems. Up to eight testing channels can be housed in either a standard desk top or industrial PC chassis. All ultrasonic and evaluation electronics for each channel is contained on a single PCI card that the user configures for either flaw detection or thickness measurement. Integration into new or existing installations is simple with easy to configure outputs. Setup and control of the system are fast and simple via a user friendly Windows 95 operator interface . Particular attention has been given to the display of easily interpreted test results. The operator interface includes a strip chart recorder and a userdefined application screen that simultaneously displays results from multiple channels on a drawing of a test layout or component.
See more information on Krautkraemer's Web Site on NDTnet
ABB ZAQ showed a poster of their high suffisticated solutions for nuclear facilities. They offers a complete solution for NDT: Equipment development, Handling Technology, Software development and Services. In the professional conference session Nordmann presented "Advanced Ultrasonic Equipment by use of new electronic components." Abstract D. The mechanics for remote - controlled handling tasks looks like art work. You can zoom one picture of the poster.
Finally we met Mr. Heidel the managing director of ROEMATEC. The company is an X-Ray Equipment Inspection Center and Trading Partner. Visit their Presentation on NDTnet. Thanks for joining us!
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