NDTnet - October 1996, Vol.1 No.10

Reportage about the first US-Japan Symposium on Advances in NDT in Oahu, Hawaii.

By H. W├╝stenberg



Prof.Dr. Hermann W├╝stenberg is Director at the BAM NDT-Ultrasonic Department. He is an outstanding NDT professional who has contributed significantly to the research and development. Moreover, he has a true international spirit and is familiar with a wide range of NDT methods and applications all over the world.

BAM Berlin - NDT Department VIII.4
The Federal institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a scientific-technological institute under the authority of the Federal Minister of Economics. In accordance with a decree of the Federal Minister of Economics dates September 1, 1964, BAM promotes the development of German industry by carrying out research on materials and by further developing testing techniques and chemical safety engineering. The institute collects and makes the results of its own and others scientific work available to the general public in suitable form.

E-mail: Hermann.Wuestenberg@bam-berlin.de

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