NDTnet - August 1996, Vol.1 No.08

Visit the Material Testing Institute MPA

by Rolf Diederichs

We visited the MPA [1]on the Campus of the University of Stuttgart and interviewed Dr. Mletzko, the vice-manager of the NDT group. You'll find further details about this group and its facilities at [2], the 22nd MPA Seminar [3], together with links to the MPA server (German texts), at the end of this page.

The MPA's mission is explained very well on its Home Page, but unfortunately only in German." At the end we reviewed some issues with a focus on ultrasonics.
Mletzko We had already gotten to know Dr. Mletzko (picture) virtually, and were very pleased to be able to talk to him "in real life."

Our first subject was the Internet - here are his comments:
"The Internet is for me a useful tool. There are good resources available, for instance I like to read the UT Online Journal. I have some criticisms about some users of the NDT Newsgroup. There are a few using the group as an easy way to let others do their homework for them. With a little work they could find the information they're looking for themselves."

At their facilities, the dominant theme is the great range of material testing areas, making the place ideal for big-picture problem solving. Testing of large components is also emphasized. There are machines installed here that are not available on the public market. In this area the MPA is providing service for two main tasks:

  1. The ARIANE 4,5 Booster is undergoing mechanical load tests, in a specially designed workshop 40 meters high and 10 meters wide. To set the part in place, the entire roof must be moved. The ultrasonic testing is done at MAN New Technology works in Augsburg.

  2. Areas of expertise include nuclear power stations, e.g., consulting in cooperation with the TÜV, and membership in international committees of OECD/EU. The 19 German nuclear power stations provide a lot of work. We were impressed on seeing the original size of a pressursied water reactor vessel. In the lower section a reactor part of 20 meters high included 100 artificial flaws. The complete body is marked with measured positions at the circumference. At the upper section are mounted parts from Westinghouse and KWU. Verification and qualification of equipment, fixtures and methods are carried out at this workplace. A precondition is that the job is performed on a scale of 1:1. For instance, some projects for PISC I - III were done here.

    A recent project, ordered by the "Verband der Großkraftwerksbetreiber" (society for large power stations) proceeds with a 4 year schedule. A team representing several organizations is investigating austenitic welds by several NDT methods, a so-called "performance demonstration." The MPA has been appointed for project coordination and further evaluation of the test results.

    At one workshop featured UT equipment consisting of self made C-scan software. Internet news is being made here too! Real time data during an ultrasonic test procedure was transmitted via the MPA internal Internet (Intranet).

    Our final question to Dr. Mletzko, whose answer we were very interested to hear:
    Question: " What advances in or great demands for ultrasonic testing have you noticed recently ?"

    Dr. Mletzko:
    "- Good Standard UT equipment is distributed from some manufacturers. However, the sophisticated equipment available only offers a range of 200 - 600 TDM. I am missing solutions in a lower price range that provide an open software structure.
    - The flaw evaluation and display method based on echo amplitude will be increasingly replaced by other imaging methods.
    - The demands for testing of anisotropic materials and composites will increase."

    We thank Dr Mletzko for these candid comments and we are looking forward to further virtual communication via the Internet.

    About the MPA - Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt.

    Further information - Home Page German
    Director: Prof.Dr.-Ing. Dr.-techn. E.h. Karl Kußmaul
    The MPA is an Institute at the University of Stuttgart and combines Testing - Research - Education:

    Some details about the NDT group.

    Further information Home Page German)
    Service for quality control with conventional and advanced NDT methods for both workshop and field.
      Validation for automated NDT methods for large components
      Membership in committees and societies

    NDT group manager:
    Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Maier
      E-Mail: maier@mpa.uni-stuttgart.de
      Additional areas:
      Radiation protection
      Education NDT personal
      International standardization
      accreditation of NDT - Laboratories
      Welds (Education)
    NDT techniques
    1. Röntgen-Durchstrahlung (bis 400 keV)
    2. Röntgen-Durchleuchtung (bis 150 keV)
    3. Gamma-Durchstrahlung (mit Ir 192 bis 2,8 TBq / 75 Ci)
    4. Gamma-Radiometrie (mit Ir 192 bis 2,8 TBq / 75 Ci)
    5. Ultraschall-Prüfung (verschiedene Geräte)
    6. Automatisierte Ultraschall-Prüfung (Wellen-Innenprüfung)
    7. Schallemissions-Analyse
    8. Magnetpulver-Prüfung
    9. Wirbelstrom-Prüfung
    10. Potentialsonden-Verfahren
    11. Farbeindring-Prüfung
    12. Video-Endoskopie

    Scientific staff and Test engineers

    Dipl.-Ing. Hansjürgen Gertkemper

    E-Mail: gertkemper
    @mpa.uni-stuttga rt.de

    Radiation protection
    Dangerous goods (radiation)
    Acoustic emission
    Gas - pressure pipes
    In-house tests
    In-field tests

    Dipl.-Ing. Peter Knoch

    E-Mail: knoch

    Components certification
    Acoustic emission
    SFB NDT for composites
    Autom. Ultrasonic testing
    Gas - pressure pipes

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernd Mezger

    E-Mail: mezger

    Gas - pressure pipes
    In-house tests
    In-field tests

    Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Mletzko
    (Stellv. Leiter)
    E-Mail: mletzko

    Radiation protection
    Dangerous goods (radioactive)
    Validation NDT methods
    MPA large Components
    Internationale Aktivitäten (PISC, ENIQ)
    Computer (Networks)

    Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Steinmill

    E-Mail: steinmill
    @mpa.uni-stuttgart .de

    Cracks Rißwachstums-Messungen
    NDT Validation methods
    Austenit. pipes
    pressure pipes
    Dipl.-Phys. Gerald Stöckl
    E-Mail: stoeckl@mpa.uni-stuttgart.de
    NDT general

    Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Waidele

    E-Mail: waidele@mpa.uni-stuttgart.de
    eddy current
    SFB NDT for composites
    Autom. ultrasonic testing
    (Visualization NDT)

    Ing. (grad.) Reimar Westerich

    E-Mail: westerich
    @mpa.uni-stuttgart .de

    (Reports, -protokol)
    Gas-high pressure pipes
    In-house tests
    In-field tests
    Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Wünsch
    E-Mail: wuensch

    Austenit. pipes
    The group is integrated in the dept 4: Quality, Manger Dr. D. Blind

    Address: Pfaffenwaldring 32, 70569 Stuttgart (Vaihingen) Telefon: (0711) 685-2700, Fax: (0711) 685 2761
    WWW-Server: mpazf712.mpa.uni-stuttgart.de (sometimes)

    Vorankündigung 22. MPA-Seminar Stuttgart, Februar 1996

    Das 22. MPA-Seminar mit dem übergeordneten Thema "Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit in der Anlagentechnik " findet am 10. und 11. Oktober 1996 in Stuttgart statt.

    Wie in der Vergangenheit werden schwerpunktmäßig Beiträge aus der Kerntechnik vorgestellt. Das diesjährige Seminar steht unter dem Thema:
    Komponenten nuklearer und konventioneller Kraftwerke
    - Beurteilungsgrundlagen und Betriebserfahrungen -

    Hierbei sollen vorrangig Themen aus folgenden Sachgebieten des Rohrleitungs-, Behälter- und Apparatebaus vorgetragen und diskutiert werden:

        Integrität von Rohrleitungen, Behältern und Maschinen Betriebsüberwachung Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung Struktur- und Sicherheitsanalyse Bruchmechanik Schädigungsphänomene Instandhaltung Nutzungsdauerverlängernde Maßnahmen Umrüstung und Austausch von Komponenten und Systemen.
    Über das ausführliche Programm wird noch über unseren Veranstaltungskalender und der MPA Homepage berichtet werden. Für weitere Fragen zu diesem Seminar wenden Sie sich bitte an: Dr. Gillot Email: gillot@mpa.uni-stuttgart.de

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