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Krautkramer is featuring a revolutionary "all on one card per channel" solution for PC-based ultrasonic systems instruments. The new USPC2100 supports true parallel fire multichannel applications in automatic testing systems. Up to eight testing channels can be housed in either a standard desk top or industrial PC chassis. All ultrasonic and evaluation electronics for each channel is contained on a single PCI card that the user configures for either flaw detection or thickness measurement. Integration into new or existing installations is simple with easy to configure outputs. Setup and control of the system are fast and simple via a user friendly Windows 95 operator interface. Particular attention has been given to the display of easily interpreted test results. The operator interface includes a strip chart recorder and a userdefined application screen that simultaneously displays results from multiple channels on a drawing of a test layout or component.
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This was the first equipment which demonstrated an online help via the Internet.

QMI introduced it's QMI 2020 Basic PC Based Ultrasonic Test System. The QMI 2020 is a flexible integrated ultrasonic test system, combining high performance and sophistication and is well suited for the most demanding ultrasonic test applications. The basic QMI 2020 computerized ultrasonic test system requires the addition of an IBM Compatible Computer The instruments performs with high signal to noise ratio and has superior linearity characteristics. On board real time processing allows for fast signal throughput. As an option is provided a high precision thickness resolution (3.5 Micron) OD, ID, Concentricity, Eccentricity. Measures Form .0035 to 4 Inches.
Quality Material Inspection, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA.

Sonaspection designs and manufactures affordable flawed specimens for NDE training and certification, with sixteen years experience and over 10,000 specimens manufactured. Sonaspection's flawed specimens are be used to organize NDE training and qualification into four logical and effective steps: the NDE educational kit, flaw specimen sets, flawed specimens for advanced training and practice, and standard flawed specimens for practical qualification. Materials are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for use in ultrasonic, penetrant, magnetic particle, radiographic, and visual testing. Sonaspection has produced specimens for the major international qualification organizations - PCN, DGZFP, Nortest, and EN 473.
Sonaspection, Inc. Covington, GA

NDT Systems, Inc., is proud to announce the introduction of several new ultrasonic and eddy current testing products. The QUANTUM TE, QFT100, and QFT200 are the next Generation of portable hand-held ultrasonic flaw detectors. Features include a much faster and responsive liquid crystal display, easy to use menu functions, direct access keypad, context sensitive help screens and user's assignable/definable keys to customized the instrument to your needs. Also available from NDT Systems are the VECTOR TX SERIES of precision coating gages, the NOVA200D pocket sized dual element ultrasonic corrosion measurement gage, and the NOVASCOPE 4500 for critical and complex ultrasonic thickness measurements.
NDT Systems, Inc. Huntington Beach,CA

GRC Instruments will feature Adaptronics line of Ultrasonic Products and hand series of handheld NDT instruments. On display will be the new PC based PCPR-1100 prograrnmable pulser/receiver board with a bandwidth of 100 MHz. The PCPR-1100 features a spike, square wave and tone burst pulses in one package. The PCPR-1100 can be used in a single channel or multichannel applications in combination with various digitizes available on the market. The PCPR-1100 comes with Ccallable device drivers for DOS, Windows and LabView. The PCPR-1100 finds application in nondestructive inspection aiid evaluation of a broad range of materials, component and structures. Also on display will be the hand series of handheld NDT instruments, which include a line of hardness, thickness and surface roughness test instruments. These instruments successfully perform a broad range of applications iiinvolving quality control, material and equipment inspection, and the evaluation of various materials components and structures. These handy economical instruments perform to both national and international standards and are designed to meet the industry's NDT needs of today and tomorrow.
GRC Instruments Santo Barbara, CA

Sonix FlexSCAN-C is a flexible ultrasonic immersion test system on the market today. With up to twelve axes of motion control, Sonix offers both custom and turnkey systems to meet your individual testing needs. Because our Systems are modular and software driven, we can easily update your existing system without making your current hardware obsolete. Sonix FlexSCAN-C is a completely digital, high resolution scanner that shows data in A-, B-, and C-scan formats. FlexSCAN-C offers the flexibility to quickly locate defects and reassurance in confirming the defect. Unique software features allow the user to scan virtually any size or shaped part in a single scan plan. A "contour following" feature automatically adjusts the scanner to follow irregular surfaces like curves and angles. Dynamic gating enables gate adjustment to accommodate thickness variations. FlexSCAN-C is a powerful NDT tool offering a full spectrum of advanced software and hardware features to meet a variety of testing needs.
Sonix, Inc. Springfield, VA

PAC will introduce MISTRAS-2001, the first Generation of digital signal processing acoustic emission multichannel instrumentation, ideal for real time polymodal fracture wave detection and source characterization. The MISTRAS-2001 is a computerized acoustic emission system that performs simultaneous waveform digital signal processing (time and frequency domain) and classical feature extraction on an expanded feature set. The system is manufactured with high quality standards based on PAC's ISO 9001 registration. This year, PAC will also introduce its ULTRAWIN Windows ultrasonic imaging software based on 500 MHz A /D, with on board C-40 DSP and LIN/LOG amplification for extensive dynamic range (12 bits equivalency). The A/D will be complemented with a new 100 MHz pulser/ receiver. PAC will also exhibit the PD-214, the eddy current system specifically designed and bunt for the US Navy. The digital system is designed to be a portable, self-contained, rugged instrument used for crack detection, materials sorting, and nonconductive thickness measurements.
Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) Princeton, NJ

Panametrics is pleased to introduce the Model 25DL-HP ultrasonic thickness gage. This handheld unit improves product quality and reduces labor and material costs by making digital thickness measurements from one side of a material. The 25DL-HP makes accurate thickness measurements from 1-500 mm (0.030-20 in.). The 25DL- HP's unique combination of high penetration electronics and low frequency capability offers the user unmatched ultrasound penetration in castings, fiberglass, composites, rubber, and thick plastics. These materials are difficult to inspect with traditional gages because of conditions such as sound attenuation, reflection, and scattering.
Panametrics, Inc. Waltham, MA

Bell Imaging Technology designs and manufactures varieties of high performance NDE transducers. Its state-of-art Transducer-CAD software package can be widely used for PZT material property auto-measurement and transducer design. The extensive user friendly meitu and dialog tables on both PC and MAC window version allow fast, efficient input/output while simulating the performance of single transducers and arrays for NDE or medical imaging systems in superior accuracy. BIT is proud to announce production of NDE -and medical transducers designed by using the Transducer CAD. BIT is also specialized in any custom projects for developing new types of transducers. With an experienced engineer and technician team and the latest invested manufacturing equipment, BIT guarantees delivery of quality products.
Bell Imaging Technology Corp. Hayward, CA

A demonstration of the MAUSIII (Mobile Automated Scanner), a multi-mode (UT, resonance, and eddy current) C-scan inspection system designed for in-service and field applications will be featured in the exhibition area. Videos, photographs, and product brochures on the full AUSS family of NDI systems will also be highlighted. McDonnell Douglas Aerospace's product line includes automated nondestructive inspection systems ranging from the portable multi mode MAUSIII to large production proven systems. These include the ADIS II (with a seven-axis gantry design), to the AUSS V (a full contour following gantry system with 9 to 16-axis of coordinated motion). MDA has also developed numerous specialized configurations designed to cost effectively meet users' specific needs.

McDonnell Douglas introduces new derivatives of the successful AUSS V with mechanical configurations featuring dual tower 10-axis and a high speed opposing gantry design. Each system is designed to meet the demanding requirements involved in the manufacture and inspection of advanced. composite and bonded aerospace assemblies. Real time full wave form data collection, with simultaneous on line computation, is also available.
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace St. Louis, MO

Matec Instruments' portable PC-based ultrasonic C-scan imaging system is designed to perform, in conjunction with manual or motorized x-,y scanners, flaw detection and thickness measurement studies of structural components within laboratory and onsite field inspection environments. The imaging platform is based on a 32-bit architecture 120 MHz Pentium computer featuring and 800 x 600 high resolution pixel Active Matrix TFT Color VGA display, and 1 gigabyte hard drive unit. The system can be either equipped with Matec's SR9000 model Spike Pulser/Receiver or model TB1000 Gated Amplifier Toneburst card, and ST9010 100 MHz Data Acquisition card providing a high performance ultrasonic inspection system. Operating under Windows'95, the WinView C-scan imaging software generates A-scan waveforms and color C-scan images with time of flight and peak amplitude information, including curtain B- scans. The software package also features password control, memory set-ups, interface gate tracking, and a gate-to-gate tracking capability. Multiple C-scan windows can be displayed with images stored within a BMP file format, or downloaded onto a printer for archival and review purposes.
Matec Instruments, Inc. Northborough, MA

CDIT will be introducing its complete line of ultrasonic transducers, including contact, dual element, delay line, angle beam, and immersion, at the Fall Conference. Composite piezoelectric transducers which feature high sensitivity, high resolution and high signal to noise ratio are highlighted at CDIT and will be displayed at the conference as well. Besides our standard catalog transducers, we also provide customized transducers that are used for various special application requirements. Our experienced engineers can help in design of those special transducers per customers' requests. It is CDIT's commitment to work closely with its customers. All transducers will be certified per ASTM El065 standard with providing RF waveform and frequency spectrum, CDIT offers two-year warranty for all transducers.
CD International Technology, Inc. (CDIT) Santa Clora, CA

Sonatest, Inc., will be exhibiting the latest product and its range of ultrasonic digital flaw detectors the Site Scain 230 (SS230). Designed to fit into the existing range between the SS1 30 and MS330, the SS230 offers four narrow bands, time corrected gain, and square wave pulsar, which automatically adjusts for filter band selected. The SS230 has alphanumeric notes for calibration and waveform stores, plus a new 15 MHz bandwidth to work with high frequency probes. The full range of ultrasonic digital flaw detectors, SS130, SS230, and MS330 will be on display at the show. The MS330 now has additional features including, Time Corrected Gain, NOTES and Auto CAL as standard features. A new range of thickness meters will be launched at the show. Sonatest, Inc., will also be introducing Ron Sidney, Vice President Sales and Marketing, who recently joined the San Antonio operation from the United Kingdom parent company Sonatest PLC.
Sonatest, Inc. San Antonio, TX

Sigma Transducers, Inc., shows the new wedge material for the ultrasonic future. Whether you use integral wedges or quick change, Sigma's new "LOTEN" material will give the ultrasonic industry a "sound" boost in the right direction. The new material has several advantages over other materials. Its wear capabilities are 3-4 times longer, it has radiation resistance of up to 108 rads, its temperature range goes up to 148 'C (300 'F), and it has a 4-9 dB gain over identical units made from other materials over 2.25 MHz.
Sigma Transducers, Inc., Kennewick, WA

The NDTMA was formed almost 30 years ago to provide a forum for the open exchange of managerial, technical, and regulatory information critical to the successful management of NDT personnel and activities. The membership is comprised of companies involved in the use, practice, and promotion of NDT. The NDTMA is dedicated to the concept that NDT is a profession. As such, NDTMA provides opportunities for NDT managers and executives to expand their business, financial, managerial, and interpersonal competencies. while staying abreast of technical, regulatory, and marketplace developments. The NDTMA publishes periodic newsletters and an annual directory, maintains a Web site which offers direct links to members Web sites, organizes and sponsors an annual conference, and interacts with regulatory entities.
NDTMA (Non Destructive Management Association Hilliard, OH

Xactex Corp. will feature its latest multichannel ultrasonic technology for pipe, bar and plate inspection. A digitally controlled system with video strip chart recording for data acquisition will be demonstrated on ERW and sean-dess pipe samples mounted in a 1.8 m (6 ft) long immersion system also manufactured by Xactex. System capabilities include flaw detection thickness monitoring, high/low alarms, flaw discrimination, up to 56 channels, keyboard control and digital data acquisition with report writing and test results storage. Other products that will be featured include single and eight-channel multiplexed pulser/receivers, ultrasonic transducers for all standard NDT applications and eddy current probes. Custom designs for aerospace will be highlighted.
Xactex Corp. Pasco,WA

DAPCO Industries, Inc. Ridgefield, CT
Dapco's new RTS 400 Portable Cylinder Neck Inspection System provides a complete high performance, self-contained ultrasonic NDT instrument which is used to inspect the neck area of gas cylinders. Over the past twenty-five years, DAPCO Industries, Inc. has estabished itself as a world leader in NDT inspection of equipment. From developing the world's first fully-integrated, computerized, high-speed test system to the implementationof pattern recogninition and defect classification, DAPCO remains at the forefront of NDT technology. For solutions to your NDT inspections needs contact
DAPCO Ridgefield, CT, USA

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