NDTnet - December 1996, Vol.1 No.12

Universal Phased Array UT Probe for Nondestructive Examinations using Composite Crystal Technology

by J. Ritter

The German version of this paper was presented at the DGZfP Symposium Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium Grundlagen der Zerstörungsfreien Prüfung(Research in NDT) during the MTQ Exhibition Report 12.-15.11.1996 in Dortmund D.


1. Introduction

2. Phased Array Principle

TR mode (transmitter / receiver) LLS technique (receiver situation)
Figure 4: Control Options for the Linear Array

3. Broad-band Probes with Composite Crystal Technology

4. Universal Phased Array Probe (abbreviated: VU probe)

5. Potential NDE Applications for the Phased Array Ultrasonic Probe

6. Summary and Outlook



J. Ritter,
works many years in the development department
for Siemens KWU, Erlangen
E-Mail: RITTE00J@erls16.kwu.siemens.de
Siemens in NDT online exhibition

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