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PVDF and Array Transducers

Author: Robert A. Day

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Transducer Workshop



PVDF and It's Properties

Phased Arrays

Making Your Own Transducers from PVDF


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Robert A. Day.
Headed NDE Labortory for the GE Fst Breeder Reactor Department. Worked on reactor related NDT applications. Received three patents on transducer manufacturing techniques. Winner of the 1981 Engineering Award for Technical Achievement in Materials, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineering from the Power Systems Sector of General Electric Co.
Today he workes at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and developed ultrasonic inspection techniques for the proposed US geological reactor spent fuel repository at Yucca Mountain. Developed a 1 GHz acoustic microscope for use on integrated circuit applications. Invented new acoustic emission transducer which could withstand the intense light pulse associated with Nova laser (biggest laser in the world) to help diagnose lens cracking problem.
Second Sound: Consultancy providing expertise to major and minor organizations on ultrasonics, NDE robotics, and fixturing design service.
Robert A. Day is a registered Professional Engineer in California (QU - 1129).
E-mail: rockyd@netcom.netcom.com
Home Page: Second Sound

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