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Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Electronic
for Measurement of Plastic Pipes during Extrusion

The Ultrasonic electronic equipment is mostly distributed as a standalone unit and without relation, operation and evaluation to the pipe extrusion process.

The system is only complete with an interface to a PC, with further visualization and operation. If an ultrasonic hardware adjustment is necessary, the operation to change this is not simple. Also a table of adjustments can not be attached to the pipe number.

For that reason one supplier has developed some PC integrated ultrasonic hardware, build as an 8 - channel PC Slot board and designed along with that an autarky System for Measurement and extruder control.

The System consist two main items - the computer and the transducer fixture. The ultrasonic board is the source of the system's function. The advantage is that the PC initializes the ultrasonic parameter setup, almost automatically. This refers also to the adjustment of the ultrasonic signals.

For service an Ultrasonic echo signal must be displayed on a screen, it is common to have a scope extension. There is a new advantage to point out here, that today system's has begun to integrate the echo signal display onto the PC's screen.

The operator is trained with regards to the systems functions, but usually not as an ultrasonic expert. Thus it is essential to have an ergonomic system. The System's ultrasonic parameters are dependant on the pipe material, pipe dimension, and extruder condition. Therefore they are saved under a product number and can be easy recalled when production re-starts. Some parameters are self optimizing, and this is a decisive help for the operator.

Intelligent Ultrasonic Sensor (IUS)

Very often is an extruder line equipped with different units from various suppliers. This leads to the disadvantage that the operator has to handle all those various units. Today for that reason, the users are calling for an integration into the center of the extruder control. Thus ultrasonics has to reflect on this and cannot refuse this demand.

The user will honor this, since he has now the advantage to operate the line from a central point, and has gained the advantage of easy data collection for total quality and process record.

Since the suppliers of ultrasonic pipe systems have over many years developed a sophisticated standard, it will take 1 - 2 years to gain a similar fully integrated solution. It should still be discussed whether an IUS makes sense at all, because it may need, anyway, for further services, an independent operator interface.

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