NDTnet - November 1996, Vol.1 No.11

Corrosion Detection in Aircraft Structures using Guided Lamb Waves

Authors: A. Chahbaz, V. Mustafa and D. Hay, Tektrend International (Canada) (Homepage)


Non-destructive testing methods for rapid and reliable corrosion detection in complex metallic assemblies is an on-going challenge due to practicalities of inspection and geometric complexity. This work demonstrates the benefits Lamb waves for detecting and locating corrosion in aluminum metallic structures (such as aircraft structures). We experimentally elaborate a guided wave testing method to determine quickly, cost- effectively and reliably where these multilayered structurally significant parts are in need of repair. This method is a global and non-conventional ultrasonic technique to locate defects such as corrosion and disbonds. To demonstrate detectability and sensitivity of guided wave techniques, experiments were performed on 1.0 mm thick aluminum plate s. Artificially induced thinning in designated areas of laboratory specimens was performed chemically. Size and shape of the corroded areas were also varied. The experimental and analytical findings indicate that the most sensitive guided wave modes to variation of the specimen thickness and surface uniformity were the lowest symmetric and antisymmetric modes (So and A1).
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