NDT.net - January 1999, Vol.4 No.1

EMATs for on orbit wall remaining thickness measurement after an impact - Feasibility study

G. Ithurralde, D. Simonet
Aérospatiale Corporate Research Center Louis Blériot
DCR/MI, 12 rue Pasteur, 92152 Suresness Cedex, France; 33 1 4697 3216; fax 3730
J-P. Bonnafé
Aérospatiale, Space and Defense Division
66 route de Verneuil, BP 3002, 78130 Les Mureaux, France; 33 1 3492 2021
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: githurralde@rd-tech.com



Probe design and working

Implementation and set-up

Fig 4: Set-up for thickness measurement under simulated space conditions





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