NDT.net - September 1999, Vol. 4 No. 9

3D Tomography of Turbine Blades

A. V. Bronnikov and D. Killian
KEMA Nederland B. V.
P.O. Box 9035, 6800 ET, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: Andrei@kema.nl

International Symposium on Computerized Tomography for
Industrial Applications and Image Processing in Radiology
March, 15 - 17, 1999 Berlin, Germany Proceedings BB 67-CD
published by DGZfP


Introduction and Experimental setup

Fig 1: Diagram of the experimental set-up.

Physical model and Data acquisition

Image reconstruction

Fig 3: The x-y cross-section of 3D reconstruction's of a turbine blade.(a) the reconstruction without corrections for beam hardening and misalignment (b) the reconstruction with compensation for lateral misalignment of the system(c) the reconstruction of data measured with a Cu filter and corrected for lateral misalignment of the system.

Results and discussion

Fig 5: The region-of-interest 3D tomography of turbine blades: (a) a view across a crack in a turbine blade; (b) a view of an internal structure of a blade.)



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