NDT.net - October 1999, Vol. 4 No. 10

US12 current 'state of the art' piping examination technology

Stan M. Walker, Jeff L. Landrum, Doug E. MacDonald
EPRI NDE Center, 1300 Harris Blvd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28262, USA
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: swalker@epri.com

First International Conference on NDE in Relation to
Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurised Components,
20 - 22 October 1998, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Advantages and Limitations of EMATS

Evaluation of EMAT SH-Waves on cast stainless steel piping

Evaluation of EMAT SH-Waves on austenitic pipe specimens

Phased array Examination of seam-welded high energy piping



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