NDT.net - December 1999, Vol. 4 No. 12

Coherent X-Ray Scatter for Non-Destructive Testing of Works of Art

H. Bomsdorf
Fachbereich 8 - Physik
Bergische Universität - Gesamthochschule Wuppertal, Germany
Corresponding Author Contact:

6th World Conference on NDT and Microanalysis in Diagnostics and
Conservation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome, 1999 May.
Published by AIPnD, email: aipnd@numerica.it



Method and experimental setup


Figure 1:
a) Schematic diagram of the experimental setup as described in [1]. Figures refer to text.
b) Enlarged longitudinal section of the circularly symmetric region-of-interest of the system.
Its size is defined by the beam diameter (Dbeam) and the scatter collimator dimensions.
The (mean) scatter angle Q is changed by moving the upper diaphragm of the collimator in the vertical direction by means of a step motor.
The dimensions of the used collimator were:
R1: 7.5 mm, R2: 12.8 mm, A: 0.6 mm, L: depending on scatter angle (see text).
The total range of scatter angles Q causing angular blurring is determined by Qmin, Qmax and the angular distribution of the incident photons within the beam.
The investigated volume element within the object can be changed by moving it relative to the setup in 3 dimensions.
(For clarity the drawing is not true to scale. The beam widening is not shown.)

Experimental and results




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Appendix: results of measurements on pigment powders and paint layers

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