NDT.net - January 2000, Vol. 5 No. 01

High transduction Piezoelectric transducers and introduction of Non-Contact analysis

Mahesh C. Bhardwaj
Ultran Laboratories, Inc.
1020 E. Boal Avenue
Boalsburg, PA 16827 USA
phone: 814.466.6200, fax: 814.466.6847
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: Mcbhardwaj@aol.com, Web: http://www.ultranlabs.com

Submitted to the Enclyclopedia of Smart Materials, ed. J.A. Harvey, John Wily & Sones, NY, due in Oct. 2000.



Realty that defies non-contact ultrasound

Pursuit of Non-contact ultrasonic transducers

Piezoelectric transducer for unlimited Non-Contact ultrasonic testing mode

Non-Contact ultrasonic analyser

Applications of Non-Contact ultrasound




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