NDTnet - February 2000, Vol.5 No.2
International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing Contribution to the Infrastructure Safety Systems Hotel Solar da Barra, Torres, RS, Brazil November 22-26, 1999 NDTISS'99
  • We express our gratitude to Edouard G. Nesvijski,
    UFSM Santa Maria - Brazil, for contribution of this Report.

    Nondestructive testing (NDT) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods and equipment are indispensable for characterization of properties and monitoring quality and integrity of materials and structures. NDT methods combined with multi-disciplined engineering approach help to make an expert decision about maintainability, rehabilitation, and fitness for service of Infrastructure Systems. The purpose of the Symposium was to provide a forum on current state of the art of NDT in respect to its advancement and contribution to the safety systems responsible for characterization, evaluation, and quality control of materials and structures. The Symposium sought to emphasize educational aspects and public awareness of the NDT and NDE industry importance in the 21st century. The event consisted of the Symposium Professional Sessions, Poster Session, and International Advanced Studies Institute Seminar (November 25).

    The NDTISS'99 Professional Sessions took place on November 23, 24, and 26. There were 40 aural presentations made during the Sessions. Poster Session included ten posters. All the posters were for permanent exposition. The presenters were requested to be present by the poster during one hour after the lunch to give explanations and answer questions. Overall number of attendees was about 100.

    The NDTISS'99 Book of Proceedings consists of 61 paper received for aural and poster presentations and included into the Preliminary Program of the event. The papers were distributed among the eight parts in accordance with the Symposium Technical Program.

    The Symposium demonstrated the expanding interest to the NDT applications in Brazil. It helped specialists from different industries to better realize importance of the NDT for assurance of safety and durability of infrastructure. Positive feedback from the Symposium presenters and participants confirming their interest in the next event of this kind in Brazil has been very encouraging. The NDTISS'99 Report will be followed by a call for papers for the next NDTISS'2001 International Symposium.

    The NDTISS'99 international participation included attendees from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Israel, India, Argentine, and Uruguay. Brazilian and international attendees had the opportunity of contacting personally the best specialists in the NDT field. Person-to-person relations are extremely important not only for the better mutual understanding and exchange of ideas, but also for development of inter-institutional connections and joint projects.


    Photo 2.
    The NDTISS'99 Auditorium.
    Photo 1. The Symposium Opening (from left to right):
    Edouard G. Nesvijski, Organizing and Scientific Committees, UFSM, Brazil, NDTISS'99 Co-Chairman
    Claudio Soligo Camerini, Petrobras, Brazil
    Maria Izabel Gebrael, President, ABENDE, Brazil
    Paulo Jorge Sarkis, Organizing Committee, Rector, UFSM, Brazil
    Felipe Martins Muller, Vice-Diretor, Center of Technology, UFSM, Brazil
    Robert E. Green, Jr., President, ASNT, USA, NDTISS'99 Chairman
    Geraldo C. Isaia, Organizing and Scientific Committees, UFSM, Brazil, NDTISS'99 Co-Chairman

    Photo 4. Members of the Organizing Committee (from left to right):
    Tatiana Nesvijski (Choutova), NDTISS'99 Coordinator
    Paulo J. Sarkis
    Alexandre Lorenzi

    Photo 3.
    A Group of the Symposium Participants.

    Photo 5. Edouard G. Nesvijski
    SYMPOSIUM CHAIRMAN Robert E. Green, Jr.
    CO-CHAIRMEN Geraldo C. Isaia
    Edouard G. Nesvijski
    Konstantin Kovler
    Sandor Popovics
    Wagih H. Makky
    COORDINATORTatiana Choutova
    CO-COORDINATORCarla Cristina Danielleto
    Denise C. Dal Molin, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
    Don Bray, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA
    Edouard G. Nesvijski, UFSM, Santa Maria, Brazil
    George Alers, NIST, Boulder, CO, USA
    George Havrilla, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
    Geraldo C. Isaia, UFSM, Santa Maria, Brazil
    I.C. Noyan, IBM Research Labs (Yorktown Heights), USA
    Igor Komsky, NWU, Evanston, IL, USA
    Igor M. Kadenko, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Konstantin Kovler, Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
    Lidia da C. D. Shehata, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Paulo R. L. Helene, EP/USP, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
    Robert E. Green, Jr., The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
    Rod Stanley, Quality Tubing, USA
    Rolf Diederichs, NDT Internet Publishing, Herford, Germany
    Sana Ullah, Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Sandor Popovics, Drexel University, Philadelphia,PA, USA
    Surendra P. Shah, NWU, Evanston, IL, USA
    Voichita Bucur, Henry Poincare University, Nancy, France
    Wagih H. Makky, IASI, Northeast, MD, USA
    Yoseph Bar-Cohen, JPL, NASA, Pasadena, CA, USA
    ABENDE, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
    ASNT, Columbus OH, USA
    CAPES, Brasilia, DF, Brazil
    CNDE, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
    CNPq, Brasilia, DF, Brazil
    FAPERGS, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
    FATEC, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
    IASI, Northeast, MD, USA
    NDTnet, Herford, Germany
    PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    RILEM, Cachan, France
    UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
    VARIG, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
    WORLD TRAVEL, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

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