NDT.net - February 2000, Vol. 5 No. 02

Application of Infrared Thermography for Damage Detection in Structural Concrete - a Preliminary Report

J. K. C. Shih, Ming Hsin
Institute of Technology
R. Delpak, C. W. Hu, P. Plassmann
University of Glamorgan, UK
Wawrzynek, M. Kogut
Technical University of Silesia, Poland

NDTISS'99 - International Symposium on NDT Contribution to
the Infrastructure Safety Systems, 1999 NOV 22-26 Torres,
published by UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil



Experimental Setup

Experimental Results

Numerical Modelling


Fig 8: Theoretical and Observed Influence of Crack Widths on Percentage Difference of Crack-tip Temperatures over than Ambient Value, Refer to Specimen Geometry in Fig 1.

Scope for future research




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