NDT.net - April 2000, Vol. 5 No. 04

Automatic welding diagnosys using neural network

Arlindo Rodrigues Filho
PETROBRAS Engineering Service
Rua General Canabarro, 500, 9th Floor, CEP 20271-900
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
Antonio Petraglia
Mariane Rembold Petragli
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
COPPE - Electrical Engineering Program, CP 68564 CEP 21945-970
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil

NDTISS'99 - International Symposium on NDT Contribution to
the Infrastructure Safety Systems, 1999 NOV 22-26 Torres,
published by UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil


The ultrasound inspection method

Materials and methods

Experimental results

Concluding remarks

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