NDT.net - August 2000, Vol. 5 No. 08

High Energy Radiography combined with the Agfa Strukturix DPS-imaging system and comparison with other NDE-methods for inspection of thick reinforced concrete structures

P. Shaw, T.K. Pedersen, Force Institute
345, Park Alle, DK-2605 Broendby, Denmark

R. Serluppens, Agfa-Gevaert N.V.
Septestraat 27, 2640 Morsel, Belgium

Corresponding Author Contact:
Email:lej@FORCE.dk, Web: http://www.force.dk

2nd International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components, New Orleans May 2000.


Why test concrete?

NDT methods for testing concrete

Examples of NDT methods

NDT for location and inspection of pre-stressed cable ducts

The tests

The AGFA Strukturix DPS system

The test objectives


Conclusion - High Energy radiography and The AGFA Strukturix DPS-system

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