NDT.net - September 2000, Vol. 5 No. 09

On a Possibility of Rayleigh Transformed Sub-Surface Waves Propagation

E. G. Nesvijski
Center of Technology, Federal University of Santa Maria
Campus Universitario, Santa Maria, RS 97110-970, Brazil
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: edouard@w3.ufsm.br, Web: http://w3.ufsm.br/edouard/




Theoretical Background

Rayleigh Wave Equation Once Again

3-D Visualization of Rayleigh Function

       Fig 2a:         Fig 2b: Fig 2: Full-scale two-side views of Rayleigh function depending on Poisson ratio v and x parameter as a relation of wave numbers of longitudinal kl and transversal kt waves.Elaboration with MATHCAD PLUS 6.0: a - rotation: 98° and tilt: 45°; b - rotation: 280° and tilt: 50°.

The RTSS waves behavier in plane half-space solid

Computing, Modeling, and Interpreting

Amplitude Distribution of the RTSS waves

Recent Development




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