NDT.net - October 2000, Vol. 5 No. 10

Design and Application of Low-Frequency Twin Side-by-Side Phased Array Transducers for Improved UT Capability on Cast Stainless Steel Components

M. Delaide, G. Maes
AIB-Vinçotte International, Brussels, Belgium
D. Verspeelt
R/D Tech, Québec, Canada
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: info@rd-tech.com , Web: http://www.rd-tech.com

2nd International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components, New Orleans May 2000.



Principles of standard TRL search units

Principles of the phased-array technique

Design of twin side-by-side phased array probes

Fabrication and characterization

Characterization on carbon steel test blocks

Assessment of UT capability on austenitic steel


Figure 9 Comparison between TRL PA and TRL on SDH4.8 depth 20, 40, 60 mm TRL PA probe TS45 1 6A1 SN 514, Settings: 30° focal depth 50 mm TRL PA probe TS45 1 6A1 SN 514, Settings: 45° focal depth 75 mm TRL PA probe TS45 1 6A1 SN 514, Settings: 50° focal depth 50 mm Focused TRL TS45 1 635 SN 98666


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