NDT.net - March 2001, Vol. 6 No. 03

12th International Symposium
on Nondestructive Testing of Wood

Detection of glue deficiency in laminated wood with thermography

Berglind, Henrik
Research Engineer
Trätek - The Swedish Institute for Wood Technology Research
Skeria 2, S-931 77 Skellefteĺ
Dillenz, Alexander
Research Engineer
IKP - Institute for Polymer Testing and Polymer Science
Universitätsbereich Vaihingen, D-70550 Stuttgart
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: henrik.berglind@tratek.se



Materials and methods

Fig 3: a) A test piece seen from above with its signal matrix with 55 x 130 pixels, which were used to calculate average values of the signals from each pixel column. b) Signal profile above an area with lack of glue and illustration of the procedure for determination of the contrast between correctly glued areas and areas with glue deficiency.

Results and discussion




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