NDT.net - March 2001, Vol. 6 No. 03

12th International Symposium
on Nondestructive Testing of Wood

Acoustic emission study of within-ring internal checking in radiata pine-Wood NDT 2000

Booker, Rudolf, Haslett, Tony N
Scientist, Forest Research Institute Ltd.
Rotorua, New Zealand
Sole, John A

Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: Rolf.Booker@forestresearch.co.nz



Fig 1:Profiled product machined from a radiata pine board containing within-ring internal checking. Removing the surfaces has exposed the checks that were originally hidden.

Materials and methods

Fig 2: Diagram showing the way the boards were sectioned. The arrows indicate the surfaces on which the checks were counted. Fig 3: The acoustic emission transducers with pins to hold them to the wood surface

Results and Discussion

Fig 7: Acoustic emission rate versus time (seconds) for board 1. Fig 8: Acoustic emission rate versus time (seconds) for board 2.



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