NDT.net - April 2002, Vol. 7 No.04

Combined Shearography and Thermography Measurements on Microelectronic Systems

Erwin Hack
EMPA Dübendorf
Überlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf


1. Introduction

2. Experimental set-up

2.1 Shearographic sensor

2.2 Thermoemission microscope

3. Experimental results

4. Conclusion and outlook

5. Acknowledgements

6. References

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This Paper was presented at Fringe 2001 "The 4th International Workshop on Automatic Processing of Fringe Patterns" held in Bremen, Germany, 17-19 September 2001. Proceedings edited by Wolfgang Osten, BIAS, Germany. Please contact Wolfgang Osten for full set of proceedings at wolfgang@uni-bremen.de.

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