NDT.net - June 2002, Vol. 7 No.06

Effects of anisotropy and orientation of carbon epoxy in the behaviour of acoustics waves

Morched Ben Amor, Mohamed Hיdi Ben Ghozlen
Facultי des Sciences de Sfax, Laboratoire d'Ultrason, CP 3003.Tunisie,
Fax : 216 74 274 437; morched_benamor@yahoo.fr
Patrick Lanceleur
Univ. Tech. Compiטgne (UTC), LG2ms, UPRES A CNRS, BP 20529, 60205 Compiטgne
Cedex, France.
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: morched_benamor@yahoo.fr



2) Method of calculation

3) Orientations of carbon epoxy

4) Numerical results

5) Conclusion


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