NDT.net - June 2002, Vol. 7 No.06

European-sponsored NDT Research at TWI Ltd

A Khalid
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: aamir.khalid@twi.co.uk, Web: www.twi.co.uk

1. Introduction to TWI’s NDT Facilities

2. European-sponsored NDT Research at TWI

3. Details of TWI’s European NDT research projects

Fig 1: The prototype butt fusion welding machine manufactured as part of the project. Fig 2: The prototype NDT module developed as part of this project showing a combined TOFD, tandem and creeping wave system. Fig 3: The combined welding and NDT system.

Fig 5: Acoustic camera to be utilised for inspection of composites on aircraft. Courtesy of NDT Consultants Ltd and Imperium Inc. Fig 7: Fastener inspection using phased arrays at TWI. Wing and fuselage samples provided by RAF.

Fig 6: Eddy current C-scan images of fasteners on an aircraft wing used to identify and then inspect rivets. Courtesy of Kontrol Technik.

4. Exploitation of Technologies Developed through European-sponsored Research

5. Conclusion


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