NDT.net - August 2002, Vol. 7 No.08

Ultrasonic Testing for IDSCC in Small Radius U-bends of Steam Generator Tubes

Chris Broere, Rene Krutzen, Frans de Boer, Nuson Inspection Services BV, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: rkrutzen@nuson.nl, Web: www.nuson.nl

3nd International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components, Nov 14-16, 2001, Seville Spain


Why UT in Small Radius U-bends?

Project Objectives

Probe Design

Results of Lab Tests

Conclusion and Future Developments


  1. Indian Point-2, NRC offers "lessons learned" on tube failure, Nuclear News, January 2001
  2. C. Broere, R. Krutzen, High Speed UT Data Acquisition with 500 MHz Sampling Rate, 19th EPRI Steam Generator NDE Workshop, July 2000, Monterey, California, USA

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