NDT.net July 2003, Vol. 8 No.07

Noisy signal processing in real time DSP systems

E. Kazanavicius, A. Mikuckas, I. Mikuckiene, V.Kazanavicius
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Computer Department, Kaunas University of Technology
Studentu 50-214c, 3031 Kaunas, LITHUANIA, E-mail: ekaza @dsplab.ktu.lt
Published in Ultragarsas Journal 2003 Vol 46 No1


Signal processing in ultrasonic NDT systems

Band modification by moving average


Noise cancellation by subtraction

Inverse filtering

Wavelet transform based noise reduction

Wavelet transform based signal processing method for ultrasonic NDT system



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E. Kazanavicius, A. Mikuckas, I. Mikuckiene, V. Kazanavicius

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