NDT.net August 2003, Vol. 8 No.08


V.P. Danilevski
OOO "Corund", 228032, Belarus, Brest,
Sovietskoy Konstitutsii street, 30, corund@tut.by
D.A. Kostiuk
The Brest state technical university,
224017, Belarus, Brest, Moscow street, 267,
phone 42-10-81, e-mail d.k@softhome.net
Yu. A. Kuzavko
Institute of a radio engineering and electronics of the Russian Academy of Science,
103907, Russian Federation, Moscow, the Centre, Mohovaya street, 18
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: kuzavko@newmail.ru


1. Introduction

2. An ultrasonic diagnostic complex

3. Ultrasonic piezoceramical converters

4. The echotomoscope

5. The automated workplace of a non-destructive tester (AWNDT)

6. Experimental researches

7. Criteria of diagnostics of tribological properties of objects



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