NDT.net August 2003, Vol. 8 No.08

Panoramic X-Ray Mode for Testing Weld Quality
of Natural Gas Pipeline from Khoms City to Tripoli

Dr. Ayad M. S., Head of Physic Department
Nasser University-Faculty of Sience, Libya-Khoms
E. Saad M. A., Sin. Equipment Inspector
Sirt Oil Company, Libya - Sirt
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: shahout@hotmail.com


I- Introduction:

II- Concept of Panoramic Circular Radiographic Method.

III- Standards and Conditions of Detection:

IV- Tools and Test Equipments for Radiographic Inspection.

V- Analyses of Radiographic Images.

VI-Standards of Welding Acceptability According to API-1104 Standard.

VII Results and Discussion.


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