NDT.net November 2003, Vol. 8 No.11

Recent Advances in the Ultrasonic Inspection Recording and Reporting - Instrumentation:

Part 2. Straight Beam Inspection and Imaging
Part 1: Simplified Rapid Imaging of the Separate Sections of the Test Objects - Classification of the B-Scans

Vlad Moshkovich, Alex Passi, Garri Passi, Roustam Safin
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: garri_p@sonotronndt.com, Internet: www.sonotronndt.com
Note: Windows Media Player 9 Series or
Windows Media Video 9 VCM Codec or RealOne Player
is required in order to view the movies presented in this article.


1. Principles of the C-Scan Presentation

2. Probe location monitor

3. Scanning examples


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