NDT.net Nov 2003, Vol. 8 No.11

Polar g -Ray Mode for Testing Weld Quality of Natural Gas Pipeline

A. M. Shahout
Head of Physics Department,
Faculty of Arts & Science,
Mergib University, Khoms-Libya
A. Sh. Mahmood
Physics Department, Faculty of Science,
Baghdad University,
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: shahout@hotmail.com


I Introduction

II Inspection of Weld Joints

III Conditions of Detection

VI Equipments, Materials and Accessories for Radiographic Inspection

V Standards of Welds Acceptability According to API Standard –1104

VI Results and Discussion:

Equipment: Ir192 Source: g-RAY Film Type D4 Inspection Technique: Polar Steel Grade: GRB
Final Conclusion Description and Location of Defect Density Sensitivity Film Number Pipe Weld Joint No. Location
Cut Out
  W.T. (mm) Dia. (inch)
OK   3.1 2T 1 8.18 8 SAZV461 EKT125
OK   2.9 2T 2
OK   3.1 2T 3
OK   3.1 2T 1 8.18 8 SAZV462 EKT125
OK   3.1 2T 2
OK   3.1 2T 3
R Spherical porosity 0;3 3.1 2T 1 8.18 8 SAZV470 EKT125
OK   3.0 2T 2
R Spherical porosity 62;69 3.1 2T 3
Table 6: Radiographic inspection report for SLR7 station in EKT 125.


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