NDT.net • July 2004 • Vol. 9 No.07

Determination of the mechanical properties of concrete in the time domain applying ultrasonic pulse velocity

Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez
Department of Physics, School of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Central
University of Las Villas, Santa Clara, Cuba

Carlos Recarey Morfa
Department of Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Central University of Las Villas,
Santa Clara, Cuba

Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: manuelr_62@hotmail.com


In this study a new approach is presented, which not only allows us to estimate the mechanical properties of concrete, but also to know the future behavior of concrete. Concrete is considered an inelastic material and, in particular, a viscoelastic one. For the solution to the stated problem, the method used is Laplace's transform. The models obtained are fitted to the experimental results, determining the parameters that characterize the mechanical properties of the material. The model that best describes the mechanical properties is selected by applying the calculations of prognostic errors. Then, the estimation of the time variation of the mechanical static parameters is made, using the dynamical parameters which are obtained from the ultrasonic pulse velocity.

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