15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome


The Italian Society for Nondestructive Testing and Monitoring Diagnostics commonly known as AIPnD, (Associazione Italiana Prove non Distruttive), was established in May 1979 in Brescia, Italy by 12 experts in the NDT field.

Its first President was Mr.G.Nardoni.

The three main objectives on which the Society has based its activity are the following:

  • promotion of scientific and technical knowledge and the development of NDT through information and education.
  • validation of the activities of professionals working in the sector
  • encouraging the cultural and associative aspects of the organisation in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience and to promote interaction between the various Societies.
Today, AIPnD has more than 1000 members and 250 corporate members.


Organising Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
  • Biannual National Conferences with exhibitions of NDT instrumentation and services
  • Tri-annual International conferences on NDT applied to works of art
  • Seminars on norms, special techniques, others
  • One day conferences on specific subjects such as NDT in civil construction; NDT in hydraulic machinery, transportation, ropes for cable cars and others according to need.


AIPnD edits the quarterly NDT journal,Giornale delle Prove non Distruttive, training manuals for NDT personnel and special publications on NDT, sponsored by ENEA, for Schools and Universities.


Level III courses are organized annually.
The month-long courses are organized in modules.


AIPnD in conjunction with other institutions and companies of the Country, founded the Italian Certification Board called CICPND.

Its first project was the launching of the Grand Fathering Programme for level III personnel, with highest experience following the rules valid for the similar ASNT programme. This was followed by the examination programmes for levels I, II and III.

Historical Action

In 1984 AIPnD organized the 3rd European Conference after Mainz and Vienna. During the meeting the European Council for NDT was established.
Members of the council included all the geographic countries of Europe.

Today the council has been transformed into the European Federation for NDT (EFNDT).

Participation in International Conferences

AIPnD regularly participates in events organized throughout the world: USA, Canada, Brasil, France, Belorussia, Russia, Austria, Croatia, Israel, UK, China, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.


AIPnD is a member of EFNDT and ICNDT and is part of the Italian Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST).


AIPnD has established two National awards for its members namely the Honorary members award and the Distinguished members award. In addition, it has established the International 'Padre Kolbe' Award for people who make large contributions in the writing of NDT journals, books etc.

AIPnD - Italian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Monitoring Diagnostics, Via A.Foresti 5, 25127 Brescia, Italy Tel:0039 030 3739173; Fax: 0039 030 3739176; E.mailaipnd@numerica.it Homepage: http://www.aipnd.it

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