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Non-Destructive Testing of Load-Carrying Metalworks of Objects which have Completed their Terms

V.A. Kulish, E.S. Krylov
State scientific research and design institute of coal industry "UkrNIIproekt", Ukraine, Kiev 03142, acad. Palladin avenue, 46/2, tel. 444-21-84, telefax (044) 451-00-23



  1. Combined application of traditional and AE methods of NDT during inspection of load-carrying steelworks of objects which have completed their terms, as well as conducting of checking strength analysis permit to increase trustworthiness of diagnostics of steelworks and, consequently, to prolong safe operation of these objects.
  2. To determine technical state of load-carrying steelworks of objects wich have completed their terms, guidelines and norms which apply to traditional and AE methods of testing, as well as the UAEKM-m device for acoustic emissive testing of load-carrying steelworks have been worked out by the Institute "UkrNIIproekt".

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